Yes, this ph0nt really really sucks. I know. Deal with it. I
suck too. So
does this ansi. Everything in the whole wide world sucks, in fact
. So quit
trying to give me your crap. I dont get paid to take your crap.
You can take
your own craps. Thats not my job. Not at all. So eat your supposito
ries and
do nasty things with your fiber and get back to me in the morning. Goo
oh yeah...
3.4 gigs believe it or not
Sysops: Lord Soth, Farmicus, Felis Tigris
Also introducing....
a new network to replace the well-buried Federation Net. Inte
rnet is great,
but theres not the full crowd of people there was on Fed. : S
o, I will be
contacting some major boards about this, but if I dont get to y
ou and you
feel you run a MAJOR art board/demo board, feel free to give The
Pantheon a
ring and email me, Lord Soth, or Farmicus there. Were gonna ge
t this running
dammit :
It will be linked with some USENet newsgroups, and will hopefull
y be a big
ball of fun :
-Lord Soth, Farmicus, and Felis Tigris
tG- the trs elite Vertigo Net ph0nt
ls- the layme picture
ls- the comedic Pantheon font
fa- the network
ft- the multitudes of gerbils
iCE- BE THERE! remember Mr. T saying that in his cool 80s way?
greets to the guy on IRC who wanted to apply to insane Crackers Elite,
and everyone who says iCE is dead,
and Anarchy and Jessica and Shaggy and iNKY for bearing with my total
unhindered mental instability.