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1. ONCE AGAIN apologies for making all you ice
fanatics wait for your . monthly fix of pure art-
istic perfection.
2. Deeply Disturbed is no longer a member of the jolly iCE family, and his
board, Suicidal Shrimp, is no longer a Distrobution Site.
3. Weve had a couple of name changes. Gwar is now Gwah Im just as clueless
as you, and Lithium is now Isosceles uhhhhhh....
4. Wed like to welcome Formic Acid to iCE. Hes a very talented VGA artist,
and will be a great asset to us.
5. Big big apology to Fred Byrd, who was not only left out of the last pack,
his name was spelled wrong Firebyrd.
6. There is a picture that cannot be viewed with Multi-View this month, and
that is Lord Soths rip.
7. FTP.ENG.UFL.EDU, our internet FTP site for our packs, has discontinued
its support of ansi packs. Were working on a new, permanent site
currently. Well keep you updated... same bat channel... same bat time...
8. We would like to point out once again, that all ICE members need to
upload there monthly pieces of art to the WHQ, Sanctuarytm. If you do
not do so, your art will be left out of the pack.
- Lord Soth
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