Logo Collection by Quazar
Logo Collection by Quazar
As some of you may already know, I am back from the dead, so-to-speak. Ive
been there and back again, and so fourth and so on, and actually, I am quite
proud to humor you with my latest ansi works. Yes, this is qz, quazar,
that old ice guy from back in 1993, the retired tribe ansi artist, etc.
Just so theres no confusion, I was outta the scene doing MUDs and basically
working on my career heh, yea, MUD and career in the same sentence, quite
odd, no?, and basically, Ive checked in a few times a year, just to see
who was still around, and how they were doing. Now, Im actually back, doing
my thang again, and I must say, I couldnt feel any better. Heres my
compilation of logos for this month, I hope you can enjoy them more than I do.
Anyway, on with the erm, art, I guess p
I dedicate this ansi to my mother, without her, you wouldnt even see this....
I dedicate this ansi to my mother, if it werent for her, youd never see this.
font inspiration from an old famous tempus logo, I guess its always just stuck
with me. anyways, he was one of the the best, probably still is ! -qz 09.02.02
t h e s p a w n i n g g r o u n d quazar t s g . z a p t o . o r g