M A Y 2 0 0 2
1. Wed like to welcome two new ansi guys to iCE! Enzo, a Brazilian law
student, and The Creep Fever, a road construction worker who does art as a
hobby. Enzo really rocks, and hes a good sport. He didnt mind it at
all when we stripped him naked and repeatedly beat him with reeds. The
Creep Fever was excused from the beating, because he was willing to eat the
warm jello from The Dirty Bowl. Both got a full round of applause after
they got back from the medical folks. Thanks to Trip for using the paddles
to bring the Ansi division back.
2. Slothy was out in California this month for E3, seeing the many games on
display, hanging with Dave Perry from Shiny at The Comedy Store, and
generally having a good time in LA. Slothys game, Savage, was a big
success at E3. Rogue Leader is one of the artists working on the game, and
the sound effects for the E3 trailer were done by Basehead. Go Savage!
3. Mongi left for Thailand this week, then Hong Kong. Since hell be gone for
the month and he was kind enough to finish up a pic for this pack, well go
ahead and wish him a safe trip. Have fun, Patrick! Dont pick up too many
of those Thailand boys!
4. Be sure to check out our interview with DJ Monkeyboy this month. We dive
into the many aspects of his life, from his art to his DJing and even his
clothing design.
5. We also have another fantastic tutorial from Leonardo about how to draw a
happy little tree. Go look, its enlightening.
6. Finally, as usual, we have a couple of quilts from First up
is the Bizarro quilt, which turned out quite interestingly. Next we have
the Grayscale quilt, where no colors were allowed. Go check them out and
then go grab a tile at :
Forever yours,
Slothy and Root88
Lord Soth Root88