J A N U A R Y 2 0 0 2
1. Happy first 2002 pack! Heres some great art from January to please your
nostrils and wiggle your toenails. It turns out that in our contract with
Steven Stahlberg, we agreed to let him sponsor a pack at some point, and he
had his agent call us to let us know that he wanted to have this pack. So
welcome to the Official Steven Stahlberg Pack! We have a fantastic
interview with Steven, and he contributed a handfull of gorgeous images.
2. Also this month, ANSI! Thanks to Mongi and Trip we have two ansis full of
tasty ansi goodness! Its so much fun to see ansi again!
3. Only one quilt this month from those crazy kooks over at
We serve up the Mean Green Tiling Machine this month. Next month I hope
well have our Tribute to H. R. Giger quilt finished...
4. We have a great tutorial from Gecko this month! She did a cool combo of
two shorter tutorials. One is a tutorial on how to draw the night sky, and
the other is a tutorial that explains how to draw eyes. The latter is
probably more useful to advanced artists, the former is probably acceptable
for all ages!
5. Old ansi folks, check out Slothy filled three
hours of video this month being interviewed, and Jason Scott the
filmmaker is looking to interview other prominent art scene folks for a
special segment entirely about the art scene. Hopefully well eventually
get a great look at the rich history of the art scene from this interesting
6. Remember that some of us hang out on irc, just waiting for you to come
visit so you can be overwhelmed by our disgusting and bizarre
conversations. Hit ice and tiles, ice,
or EFnet ice to chat with us.
Hoping all your resolutions have failed,
Slothy and Root88
Lord Soth Root88