O C T O B E R 2 0 0 1
1. Welcome to the October pack! My name is Slothy and Ill be your waiter
tonight. Our specials this month include the Ian Dale bisque*, with
powdered nuts compliments of Diesel Boy dont ask.... After dinner we
can show you our fine selection of after-dinner malt liquors to cleanse your
palette har har.
2. We need to interrupt the current newsletter to say that nothing extremely
interesting happened this month. Same old world domination and such.
3. We unveiled Digital Art Core this month aka DAC. This is not an ice
site, but a neutral playground for all artists and art lovers. Please come
check it out and come join our happy community! Everyone is welcome, the
water is nice!
4. Jamie McCarter finished his move out to London from Toronto, Canada and
has happily fit into his new job working on an unspecified movie well we
know, but hes not sure he can announce it yet : Jamie didnt lose any of
his luggage and even his bag of womens underwear got there safely, so he
has stuff to wear to work. He even continued the trend of iCE members
getting together and met Megalith in London for lunch. Megalith later
reported, We have a lot in common, eh?
5. To those of you who misread last months newsletter and thought we were
calling Syntax Error a malpractice suit waiting to happen and that we
claimed that he has an ass like a white lace brazier, we would like to
apologize. Had you read more closely you wouldnt have misread that, and
you would have read the correct wording instead.
6. We were honored last month to be given a postmortem award from M. C. Escher
for our in-progress quilt on entitled A Tribute to M. C.
Escher. The almost-completely rotten corpse released a statement that
read, I heartily applaud your effort to point out how much I rule. My
artwork is the most awesome in the world, and all those newbies like Warhol
use gif2ans to make their art - theyre all rippers! Not like me, I
totally kick ass! We appreciate his candor and thank him for the praise!
7. We are proud to welcome Jeff Priest to iCE! Jeff is a really fantastic
artist who joins us after getting lost and asking for directions at the iCE
compound. Upon learning that he was in ice, he sent a video to his family
and assured them that they are treating me well and feeding me regularly.
I am looking forward to being able to see you all again someday. Root88
added, Were glad you volunteered to join the group entirely out of your
own free will, with nobody threatening or coercing you in any way at all.
8. till next month! Take care and remember to tell someone that you think
they have a great ass, as long as its not your mother-in-law or your dad.
Lipstick and Pantyhose,
Slothy, Mass Delusion, Spot, and Root88
*bisque: noun 2. ice cream containing powdered nuts or macaroons
Lord Soth Mass Delusion Spot Root88