M A Y 2 0 0 1
1. Well, well, what have we been doing with ourselves? For the third month in
a row we have a new memb- oh! Wait, let me look at this again... *shakes
the paper*. Wha? Im sorry I must be going mad. I think my brain has
returned to its standard inoperable state, but it appears that we have over
50 new members?! This should teach us not to drink the cheap stuff...
1a. Tinster has come over for some fun in the sun. Brought his trunks, rubber
arm floats and everything! He has done some wild work on a few PS titles,
flash work for EMusic and is laying down tiles like a madman. Welcome
tinster! yes! this is where you all clap . . . comon, clap damnit!
1b. Well, we invited the Seire gang over for cookies and tea and they wouldnt
freakin leave! After alot of negotiation and beer... , we decided to let
them stay for a while. This all seemed great, till they started bringing
all their farm animals and strange hollow devices over. And dear lord please
make them turn off the Backstreet Boys! If its not one thing its another.
Were going to need a new couch. Uhg!
Well, either way, we want to welcome the more than 50 Seire members that are
now part of the iCE family. They are a diverse group of skilled and
devoted guys and gals. We like them, no matter what the authorities say.
Hey Precurser, put that poor chicken down!
2. We Are Not Elitists We Just Work Hard. Or so we are told. quilt number
twelve has been released with this pack. It is absolutely, the bomb!
Featuring scribbles from Corpulent Cow, Root88, Funfetus, Darkhalo, Tetanus,
Leonardo, Empyrean, Nokturnal, and our new boy Tinster and a host of other
extremely talented but not elitist artists! Check it out!
3. In regard to the Seire boys and girls, Ien is going to be taking the lead
for the photo manipulation artists. Ien was the former vice president of
Seire, and will now be providing direction and assistance with quality
control and new member applications. Were happy to have him. *hands Ien a
3a. Spot, former president of Seire, is now an Advisor for iCE. Spot will be
working closely with Slothy and Mass Delusion to keep the group running and
to help iCE expand and grow. Soon we will control everyones thoughts. At
least thats what we think.
4. There are new things on the drawing board as usual. We are always trying to
come up with new shiny things for you to play with, cause you all have such
short attention spans. Keep your dial on this channel for more updates and
have a great month!
Huggles and things previously sane,
Slothy, Mass Delusion and Spot
Lord Soth Spot Mass Delusion