Presents a
ve Undead tm
I emerged from the filigree and marched along
the Grand Curve.
I walked three more curves, a straight line,
and a series of sharp arcs.
Ten turns which left me dizzy, another short
arc, a straight line, and then, The Final
It was agony to move. Everything tried to
beat me aside. It seemed that they constantly
pushed against me. I struggled, putting one
foot before the other. The sparks reached as
high as my waist at this point, then, my
breast, my shoulders. They were into my eyes.
They were all about me. I could barely see
The Pattern itself.
Then a short arc, ending in blackness.
One, two...And to take the last step was like
trying to push through a concrete wall.
I did it.
--- Nine Princes in Amber
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Origional Drawing of Corwin by Michael Kucharski for The Amber Diceless Role
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