Whats New in iCE Recently.
1. Midnight Sorrow, last months rookie staff member, has resigned his
prominent position in iCE, and has left the scene entirely. Needing
to air out, as well as wanting his privacy, he has taken down
Infinite Darkness, and transferred CCi and TCS nets over to another
hosts. We just know he will be back cmon, you gotta believe!,
but in the interim, as a big part of the scene as well as iCE and a
friend, he will be missed. Due to the fact that its rather difficult
to run the U.S. Hq on a non-existant board, iCE will have another HQ,
as well as management restructure. : Good luck, MS.
For those interested in what happens to CyberCrime, Cavalier will be
taking it over. His board number is 305-949-5247. If you have any
problems reaching him, call him voice at 305-947-4307 Jason.
1. Umm.. I guess its me again then, until we find someone else. :
- TT iCE sigh Senior Staff
2. Once again, iCE has been in the midst of controversy this month. A
suprise involving an artist lead to an eager new member returning
to his old group. Golgotha, a fresh, but talented artist who
joined the group only to release one ANSI, was mistakenly informed
by a a non-member that he was only a trial artist. An untrue
assumption. Mistakes happen, however, and he believed this, returning
to his old group, ACiD. The simple fact is, were sorry for the
mishap, and would love have him and as a full member.
3. This month has been a slower month in terms of events and
communications and such. Graduations, finals, and term papers
most likely have contributed to this. CCi being down, of course,
helps communication immensely.. smirk. -TT
4. Until further notice, iCE is now going back to releasing all 640x480
resolution artwork in either .GIF or .PCX format. Weve been trying
to please everyone with this thing, yet succeded in pleasing nobody.
Refer to Aesops fable of the Man, the Boy, and the Donkey for esoteric
example We originally coded high resolution pictures, or hi-res for
short anything over 340x200 pixels back in November of 92, and
promptly recieved flak from numerous people who couldnt view the pics
due to having only 512k video cards. In the spring of 93 we released
hi-res pics in .GIF format, and promptly recieved flak, and in the case
of another art groups members, biting insult for not coding the work.
We were even accused of not having the capability to code the work.
After that, and thanks to Wire Tap for the concept and Renegade Bithead
for the execution, we coded several hi-res pics using a mobile 340x200
window, called Hyperview. However, just when we thought we had
pleased everyone, we discovered that the artists in iCE itself were upset
about this method, so upset as a matter of fact, that one of our best VGA
artists, Shockwave, left the group because one of his pics was coded
that way. Not wishing to have that happen again, weve gone back to
releasing uncoded hi-res pics that people can view using their favorite
.GIF viewer.
5. We would like to welcome some new artists to iCE!, They are:
Crewl Blade Raistlan Section 8 Stile
Hooptie Random Violence Squirrel Skitzo Killer
6. On the note of new artists, thanks to Hooptie, Skitzo Killer, and Stile
for their large number of ANSI contributions this month. Wed also like
to mention The Refurbished Warrior for his numerous literary works this
7. Once again, the VGA team has drawn, rendered, created, coded, programmed,
assembled, and organized some excellent iCE Quality work this month. We
the rest of iCE, being ANSi artists, members, and Staff want to say that
we appreciate your efforts very much. Extra-special thanks to Ford Prefect
for the Touch Mini-Demo.
8. iCE would like to announce the promotion of Random Violence to iCE Artist!
Congratulations, and thanks for the help. May each ansi be better than
your last one. Old ANSi artists proverb - TT :
9. Articles are steadily being collected for the iCE Magazine. After the
first issue is released, its scheduled to come out about every three
months. A monthly schedule was discussed but it didnt seem practical,
first, the pressure would be immense, and second, we didnt feel there
would be enough to report every month. The first issue will concern iCE,
and consecutive issues will be more general with a section about iCE.
While it isnt possible for everyone in the group to produce the
magazine the whole too many chiefs, not enough indians thing, were
trying to include as many iCE members as possible and get as much input
from them. Please leave any questions, suggestions, or articles on
Sanctuarytm, Infinite Darkness, or Altars of Madness, or leave
Felony Netmail to Force Ten and/or Tempus Thales.
10. A FOND farewell to AADA, an iCE staple in the past few months. AADA
left the group due to legal problems and disagreements with some iCE
members during discussions about such. We just want to let him know
that the staff believes him see his ansi, grin, and would love to
have him back in. More babes, more babes!
11. Being that the iCEPACK is a royal pain-in-the-!@*CENSORED*! to
assemble, Id FT like to recognize the following people for their
assistance in yet another end-of-the-month fix: Smog, Wooden Ass,
Tempus Snailz, Midsorrow Nighty, Potato Slasher, and Moonraker.
12. iCE will be setting up access to its artwork and access for chatting
on Dreamline, an 8 line New Jersy public domain system. Dreamline is
running The MajorBBS, and you can reach it by calling 201-765-9090.
It has eight number ringdown with six 96oo baud modems, and two 24oo
baud nodes. Call now and get in on it!
13. Skitzo Killer, an iCE Canadian Artist, recently had his testicles pulped
during a freak bicycling accident sabotage. Hey, Skitzo, were all
praying for your manhood! : Actually, hes recovering quite nicely
as you can see by his ansi-marathon this month. Thanks for your help,
14. Theres a rumour floating around that Ginsu Stilleto might be doing an
ansi next month...
- Force Ten TT iCE Staff
Greets to: Tempus - Still going.. nothing stops tempus. he keeps going..
Eternal D - Back in the spotlight! Welcome back!
Crewl Bld - What can we say? Weve got high hopes, the next
QS, VN, or LC, perhaps?
Joker - Hey! Consistancy, and production! Another iCE staple?
Skitzo - Feeling Better? Awesome work, man.
Golgotha - Sorry about the mistake. America still rules tho! :
Green Ire - Yes, America still rules for you too!
Metal Head- More ANSIS! Be a Staff member!
Raistlan - PRACTICE man! :
Aimee Mann- For moral support :.. I shouldve known.
Mushroom - One of the worlds best hi-res. Hey, your stuff
TOTALLY sucks, but other than that its pretty ok :
Tank - More bricks.. soon, youll be able to build a continent!
Shinobi - Thanks for that call. press 4!
TRiBE - Wish you guys luck, if you succeed youll be a good
example for the rest of us.
ACiD - Our wars are not as heated.. will they end soon?
Valiant - Vaaallliant?...Anyone?...Anyyyone? :
Cavalier - Your father Mitch was a niCE man.
AADA - Farewell, and good luck. If it turns out ok, call us!
Everyone - Thanks for supporting iCE!
Thanks to all the iCE Artists and Members who contributed this month.