Whats new in iCE recently.
1. We welcome several new members this month:
As some of you may know, iCE recently obtained the services of some
excellent European ANSI talents. The former group CORP has joined
iCE, bringing Genesis, Sparr, and Wiz to the iCE Team. CORP, from
Finland, was well known for the remarkably high quality ANSI talents
from Europe, a land dominated by the fast paced ascii Amiga scene.
Genesis will act as the European VP of iCE and will coordinate things
out of our new European Headquarters, Baudville.
Welcome, welcome!
Toxic Freak, from the famed northern sector up in the frozen wastelands
of canada quote copyright 1992 paul muaddib. all rights reserved :
is perhaps one of the brightest new talents in the ANSI scene. He began
drawing ANSI about three weeks ago and has shown remarkable improvement.
In the future, watch for him being one of the best in the world.
Leper Messiah, formerly of Spit, has joined the group after a pretty
impressive iCE Trial period which showed remarkable improvement.
Working with Shihear Kallizad, Leper has become quite a prominent
In the coding section of iCE, we welcome two new members! The first,
The Shadow, formerly of ACiD, has joined up with iCE to work with
Eight Ball and Mad Hatter up in Ontario on VGAs/Demos. The second,
Ford Prefect, is a coder from Israel. Welcome aboard!
Finally, another late welcome to Metal Head, Senior Staff member.
He was left out in the December packs .NFO so I figured well greet
him TWICE in a row. Do-verrrrr....
2. If anyone was confused about the former iCE Division ideals and
controversy, the situation was settled nicely and the artists in
question are warmly welcome in iCE. To those who dont know what
Im talking about, dont worry about it, its too long a story...
3. Well, February was supposedly Taking Care Of Its Own Month, but
that seemed to just spur less artwork :.. Actually, a number of
artists had some distractions this month due to midterms or school
or .... Valentines Day. Damn women want February to be Valentines
Month. :...
4. In a remarkable event, iCEs very own Quick Silver has thanked
HIMSELF for ripping Slums font. While it was obvious that Slums
fonts were being ripped left and right, this is a precedent setting
5. This months iCEPACK embarks on a new level of art. Now we include
a plethora of literature and music as well as visual art.
Welcome to Israfel as a poet.
6. Rivendell, the iCE WORLD HEADQUARTERS, can be reached at 201-808-5574.
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7. Tempus Thales and Midnight Sorrow last week have started up a fight,
where they now hold great animosity towards each other. The fight began
regarding Tempus desiring to be a site for ESP, a techno-music group.
Midnight decided that Tempus would just try to recruit ESP members to
iCE. To qualm any fears, we had no intention of this and are sorry for
any confusion.
8. .siht daer tnod esaelP
9. Yes, someone NEW is doing the iCEPACK! Me! : Only temporary...
10. Finally, as some of you might have noticed, the active member-list has
been trimmed drastically. Artists may have simply been left off due to
non-production in a few months, drops in quality, or a question of their
membership. But in any event, you can see we are not as big as we used
to be... hmm.
And so ends yet another spectacular month of iCE art.
On behalf of the staff of iCE,
- Force Ten
iCE Senior Staff Member
Greets to:
Tempus Thales: Someone better find you a JOB!
Metal Head: Thanks for all the help, guy.
Midnight Sorrow: Keep up the good work - youre our best
helper and supporter.
Genesis/boys: Welcome aboard.. hope youll be in for a
long time.
Quick Silver: Absolutely no hard feelings.. Welcome back to
the swing of things.
Eternal Darkness: Can we make the bunny the official iCE Mascot?
Blade Runner: Hey wheres that ANSI? Need a board? Rivendell?
Tormented Soul: Once again, a heads-up play.
Master of Puppets: Music to my ears! Keep it up!
Toxic Freak: Amazing, and you just started!
Logan: Have fun in the play, come back soon.
Marshal Law: Luck will find you soon.. Hold your head up.
Black Wolf: Thanks for always entrusting me when you were
having trouble with others - and letting us
work out what was needed. Were holding up
our end like I promised.
Captain Kaos: Thanks for the goods.
Eight Ball: Ottawa Senators. Hehe. When are you going to
emigrate and get it over with?
Lord Mischief: I have another question for your mom.. :
And the iCE Team: Once again, a good show. Lets BETTER it in