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New Stuff this month:
Welcome back to the second edition of Helium. Helium/2 consists on the same
garbage we hear in everyother newsletter :. Anyways Were happy to take new
strides into the year of 1997. Picking up a few new members and chopping 2
divisions is pretty big news. hype is growing faster than ever, more people
keep coming in and the name is becoming more well known everymonth. Were happy
to have Free Fall back producing the pics we used to adore and it takes a huge
load off me. trident
On the Chopping Block
Welp, we can say goodbye to the vga/music. I personally thought it would be a
success but the demand isnt there. We had to stick to what we do best and not
move too fast for our own good. Ansi/ascii is the base for most groups and
hype has a solid base of artists. Red Star instead of leaving hype took the
advantage to snap himself a mascot role :. As for grymmjack, we wish him all
the best in his pursuit to make Blade a premier art group.
New Members this Month:
Pariah - a superb ascii artist leaving the ranks of acid , to pursue ascii
roles in eclipse and hype. Hell be here next month and getting the
ascii division off its feet. Feel Free to apply :
Seraphim - an artist with great potential, joined the family of hype and dark. His toony skills should bring to high places in the scene if he
chooses to strive for them.
Narcissis - probably one of the best potential artists to come into the scene. In only one months he seems to have surpassed my logo skills :
Hopefully hell be a diehard hype artist and keep up the good
NeonHorse - yeah its nh, another local 416/905 artist with gross ammounts of
potential, currently drawing for hype and looney , he is pursuing
a spot in Dark Illustrated and hopefully he can get in.
NewMembers - Pariah, NeonHorse, Narcissis, Seraphim
Leaving - Grymmjack, Red Star
total - 17 members
From Trident:
Can you believe it? 6 packs? 7 months? more than half a year? Almost 95 of
the people in the local area said we wouldnt last over 3. Even with bitch packslike 3 because everyone was almost gone during the summer, were still here.
Better believe, and I hope to be here for at least 6 more, the scene isnt
getting boring in my mind its only getting better. Everyone has their opinion
and I know mine. Hype 97.. all the way to the big 2000 : well see about that
hehe :