Hunt '96 Info & Item List by H'96 Staff
Hunt '96 Info & Item List by H'96 Staff
H U N T 9 6 --
doodleboys unite!
brought to you b
y apathy studios. ph34rsome.
welcome to the hunt 96 info file. what is hu
nt 96? basically, its a scene
scavenger hunt, with a twist. if you choose to participat
e, you will be asked to find a poo load of obscure
ansis and archives, etc, zip them all up, and se
nd them to us. why would you do something so utterl
y stupid and pointless?
because you, doodleboy that you are, want ansis. yup. free
ansis. were giving
away a bunch of free ansis to whoever wins. how do you w
in? each item on the
following list has a designated point value. for each it
em you get, you get that many points, and whoever
has the most points, WINS. simple.
and now, what exactly do you win? heres the run down. the
re will be one grand
prize winner, and five runners up. the following artists w
ill be doing art for the winners .. aphex twin
, defiant, fluor, gunthar
, lemonade, misfit, mr. sel
destruct, omicron, rza,
trip, and vade79. ph34r th
at. well decide who wins
what exactly when the time comes and besides, it adds m
ore suspense to it, dont you think? :.
anyway, without further ado, heres the list of crap you h
ave to dig up..
1. a bad karma ansi from any group other than acid
2. a copy of dig dug 8
3. ansi by ellis dee ice 5
4. an ansi of scooby doo 8
5. a GIF of a fat person having sex dont ask
6. a ripped ansi, and the original, prior to 1995
7. a pre-acid primal energy ansi 10
8. an ansi of lance ito 3
9. an ansi for a board run by a guy named satan
10. ansi of a chicken 3
11. what is jeds first name? 10
12. a radman ansi 7
13. a catbones ansi 4
14. syntax errors home phone 10
15. a studio-x pack 10
16. an imperial pack 10
17. a beastiality FAQ 5
18. a recipe calling for marijuana 7
19. a picture of emmanual lewis, aka webster 10
20. a stone the crow ansi when he was in titan 8
21. whodinis death notice 5
22. alter egos i quit letter 5
23. what was chromatiks handle before it was chromati
k? 8
24. an ansi of someone with a beard 5
25. a copy of the first zork 10
26. an ansi of wintarose 3
27. a GIF of a duck 2
28. ansi of a dairy queen employee 4
29. packaged rebellions BEAT.NIK file 6
30. kurt cobains suicide note 7
okay, 30 items, 200 points total we didnt plan
it that way, honest. now, a few rules.. all the vg
as we ask for MUST be under 15k any file format is
if you find a picture and its too high, just lower the re
solution. all items
that are questions can be put into one text file. thats
it. once you enter, youve entered. you cant add
anything later. one entry per person, per house-
hold. the person with the highest point total will win the
grand prize and the
five runners up will be chosen by who has the second, thi
rd etc highest point
totals. any ties will be settled by random drawings. bang
. official stuff out of the way, have fun.
anyway, thats it, get crackin. all entries, when completed
, must be zipped up and sent to trip or
misfit by august 26th, 1996. entries can b
e uploaded to
poo 602-589-0791 or acetone 717-272-3878 or sent to us
on irc.
- if
you have any questions, email misfit at good luck, happy hunting.