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What is a scar? For you its justa reminder of carelessness, for which
youve paid by your own blood. It was painful, it was itching, drying up..
And sure thing youll always remember you shoudnt be messing with
sharp and pointy thingies. Youll be careful and wont forget to warn
others about all the dangers of improper handling these things. Jerk..
Scar is a memory, vivid memory itself. The gate, which i use to let my
soul vacuum go. They will be. There will be more of them. They will be
wider. Take a knife.
HRG birthday. The year passed from the moment when new group-to-be of
some folks with an imagination decided to release all the stuff produced
in 2 years and to make it available to all the world. Since then many
changes happened. New people came. New creativity horizons appeared,
but the spirit, yes, the spirit that powered all that remained the
same. We are getting stronger and stronger in a way of art expression
of our souls. We are living our dawn, now. Happy birthday.
Havent you heard our music? Then you dont realize the spirit of our group
to its full extent. Hellraiser ritual. An Impulse Tracker module.
If you happen not to have Impulse Tracker you can get it here
This month two new artists replenished our force: Hazar and Immortal.
Both are skillful in 3D composition. Welcome, guys.
Hazar is new to scene, but his rendered landscapes will burn through your
mind with demonic beauty.
Immortal left that stupid Religion group. His art are futuristic and
psychodelic pictures.
So, the artists of this month:
Infernal Flames
Rest in peace, NightDee..