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Welcome to the seventh grade of reachin nothingness thru the pain.
If yer balls are too much sweaty, yer stomach strugglin, unable to
acquire any more alcohol, yer head aches the whole last half a month -
pray torture yerself a bit more. Despite the terrible conditions we were
finally able to finish all we planned. Enjoy go sleep.
Appreciate our new guest, its JazzRabbit this time. His bizarre ansis
are the only ansi art we got this month..
Shere Khan: The most lazy vga artist ...
... is too lazy 2 say anythin 4 himself :P
Greets? Hi Mom! Hi Dad! c Full Throttle :
Well, greets go to my favourite artists as well:
H.R.Giger, M.Escher if U can hear me :,
A.Beardsley same comment, the Hellraiser movie
designers whos been kinda ripped by me :
Ah yep, all HRg members get their comments too.
ironLung : the most breathless ascii artist ...
Hate summer, laziness computer gamez...
Those are the three reasons why the seventh
pack is late.. E
For all the perverts, villains weirdos -
my new ascii creations.. For those who wants to
see how I see the world around me - my first VGA.
Enjoy my madness while it is there to enjoy...
Sprocket : vga student ..
Heya.. So, here is a little explanation of
my contributions to this pack:
spro-bf.jpg - this one is for ByteFall 97
party.. Moscow, USSR, August 16-17..
I always wanted to make something cute
and blurry like that..
spro-hrg.jpg - justa picture for our page..
Kinda agressive children style..
spro-juc.gif - this ones for JaZz RaBBiTs
group: jUC.. I hope he will like it.
And because I really like all my worx for this pack i feel myself
deserving to greet some people..
JaZz RaBBiT, all HARM readers and contributors, Nixus..
And as always im worshipping all the works of Catbones.. Goddamn idol..
PS. little credits for ezekiel.gif:
Background - ShereKhan
Font and arrangement - Spro
Text - Bible by Quentin Tarantino ..
all shit drawn by PhL!
12309843536 cp HellRaiser group 1997