hn!0396 newz by spinsane
hn!0396 newz by spinsane
...:... /....../ / / / / /..... /......:...: : : // / / : : :::::........ : h a l l u c i - n a t i 0 n : ..........:::: :...:..:.................spinsane...../............:..:...:
/ halluci-nation newz /
join halluci-nation. call Chaos After Death at 813.641.8039 to apply... or die.
thats it for this months nfo file
tricked joo didnt eye? hehe eYE yAM aY tRIK33 bASTAHD!! neway... here we go....
/ general revelations /
well, its been a fucked up month here at hN for both cannibal and myself. We
both started out the month with the intention of merely releasing one more pack
to prove to Transient that we could release more than 3 packs. But during this
month something strange occured.
I actually get halfway decent at drawing ascii.
Now, I know what youre thinking: im supposed to give a rats ass?, well no
not really. But I got more into the group, kept drawing and got caught up in thenet scene. So basically, my renewed enthusiam prompted me to actually recruit!
Yes! I got off my lazy, child ascii drawing ass and actively look-ed for new people. It turned out quite well. Oh well, Ill stop boring you and
get this damn thing over with.
/ ascii overdose /
hmm... maybe we should go all ascii or something, because almost all of our new
members are in this division. Heading it up we have Creed of Apathy who decided
hed help us out. Creed rockZZ wit two ZZs and he is greatly appreciated. As
of this instant, I have no work from him, but he just joined, and I only startedtrying to put together this pack today about 1 day before release so he
might have some shit in . Erupt still has some stuff for us, but weve been
having problems getting it. Both c4nn and I use hacked net accounts, and the DCCdoesnt work, so were trying to get Erupts stuff. As of now, I dont think itsgonna be in this pack. I joined Basic ascii. Thank You. Xenocide and Primordial
Soup join us locally, rounding up the ascii talents of hN. They still need some
work a lot but they are improving, and both have some potential.
/ ansi overdose /
I think the ansi doods want us to drop this division or something cuz its
been sparse as hell in here. Black Dragon dropped out, stating that he didnt
have time between running CC scams and blowing up doors to CompUSA with the MIAMaelstrom to produce anything for us. Good luck with the operation Youll
be missed. Lithium disappeared for the first three weeks of the month, leaving
us in doubt of his continued existence. But he showed up a couple days ago,
saying his girlfriend had locked him in the basement or something, and he would
have some hella phat shit next month. In unrelated news, GOO the OTHER 813
group has died, and there was much rejoicing . Comrade has joined up, and hesjust beginning so the shits not too tight, but hes gotten better with each
piece so he should start a rockin. 02/29/96 This just in... Xenocides bro
Toadie has joined up with us in the ansi division. Hes got a very good style
for a novice, and you could call him a noot follower in style. These two are
the only two ansi I think hes ever done... so hes starting out very strong.
Prime Time has changed his handle to Two Scoops. Speculation is rampant on this
on. He says it means bitches get two scoopz uv nutz with every serving...
The ansi doodz left cann and I with nothing but promises for what I hope will bea rockin next pack... but, uh, dont bet your life on it a5ci1 roXeRZ!!
/ hi-rez madnezz! /
This is purely Skyfires domain, and he rocks out in it. Hes superfly down to
his jerri curl and gold teef. So check out his work, he rools. Oh yeah, Im
gonna make him a senior cuz of his dedication and shit
/ musical mayhem! /
Continuing the trend of members run over by semis, abducted by aliens, or trap-
ped in ratton cages by the VC, The Exorcist hasnt been seen since last month
ANYWHERE!! He told me last month he was working on an actual real-life album forhimself, so work would be sparse from him for awhile. Thats ok. The TransparentEyeball has dropped the musical division to concentrate on coding for us which
is also good! , so I expect the first ever Virtual Reality Art Viewer only
from hALLUCiNATION! Distorted Silence has joined locally as an s3m artist, and
hes good. Hes been in lots of groups including flatline... so expect some
music from him check out his board The Nether World! its elite!.
/ koding kaleidescope /
This just in, Barracuda has gotten a 50,000 mainframe from the local fone comp
for free... so hes like, taken a break this month from coding so that his bad
boy can eat up those 25 meg word lists that everyone needs cracked. But he
said hed have something bad-ass VGA shit next month. The Transparent Eyeball
comes from our music division to lend a hand on our coding projects what few
there are and did us a quicky app gen that I have yet to make a screen for. So
this version is like a beta release, kinda, well, its just ugly it works
fine, except it tends to burn your retinas
/ lit leprechauns /
I have not been able to reach Adrian Blood about any lit for this months pack.
Like everyone else, he mustve been injured during Valentines Day festivities.
So, hopefully well see some stuff from him in da next pack. Transient says he
is typing something up as I type this up, so he may have another piece of medi-
ocre lit for this pack . I of course, have contributed another work of art foryou to clammor at, and submit as your own creation in any contests you so desire
/ bleeding penis /
That is all for this pack. We were just gonna skip the 3/96 release and releasein April, but we have to show some product or we will die. So heres the pack.
Enjoy, it didnt turn out too badly for about one actual weeks worth of effort.
/ part where i show my eliteness /
Id like to greet
my penis, without whom this all wouldnt have been possible
c4nn, tSC, xenocide, groovy man, kaos, verjigorm, tte, s0apy , dw, tgm, lith,
and my net/ld bros
trip you will join acid!! sign on the dotted line!, creed, clark, 4ck, balls
wilson, kaleidas, creeping death, nukedream, and the get phresh crew
ansi ascii penis p3n15 basic soap wicked fatefiles littlegirlsex
thats all for me, check out the work, and mail spinsane at some hacked address
with your comments