Adrian's .NFO! by Adrian Blood
Adrian's .NFO! by Adrian Blood
All right, lets see if Sir Piru actually lets me get away with this. :
You damn ansi artists can put your greets at the beginning or end of your work.
.unfortunately, we damn poets cannot. : It looks really foolish to say Whazzup
muthafucka! after a really deep piece of work. Kind of ruins the mood. :
So here I am, writing my very own .NFO file about, of course, ME!If Im allowe
dto get away with this, future ones wont be as long. I promise. :
Yeah, its arrogant, but Im bored. :
This months files:
Filename: Title:
AB-SONG .LIT Messiahs Song
AB-DEC .LIT Declaration
Some more, as SP so eloquently noted last month, long, demented shit. Hope
you enjoy. : Should anyone actually want to get into touch with me, I can
be reached on my own board, The Jedi Academy, 770 978-8540.
Hellos to:
Xanatos: Still giving the locals a chance? :
Lady Cara: I like Lady better than Mistress. :
Demonica: Still cant connect to your board. :
Dr. Viking!: WHERES MY MOD?!?!?? :
Unholy Reaver: Where the hell you been, man?
Uninhibited: Thank you for all your help.
Jinx: When you get bored of GEL, come do ascii for a *real* group. :
Archers Arrow: Hope you made *this* deadline. :
Hellos also to:
Lord Simon, World Destroyer, BJ, DJ, Shadowhawk, Chaotic, Woody, Ferret, White
Knight, Dubious, Vincent Guardston wherever the hell you are : , Yaga,
No Fear, The rest of the Halluci-Nation staff, the remnants of the Fidelis,
Random, Valorus, Gremlin, Nomi Sunrider, Chad, Nathan, Shane, Susan, Eryn,
Melissa, Elisa, and Megan.
Sorry, Ive been up for 23 hours straight, so I cant think of anything to
say to each individual. :
Thank you for kickass music:
Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails
Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins
Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam
In Memorium:
Desmond Blood
April 6, 1978 - September 26, 1995
Rest In Peace
Adrian Blood HN