Dream that Haunted by Glutz
Dream that Haunted by Glutz
nce there was an man who lived
a long life. But eventually
his years came to an end. He
died in his sleep. When his
soul rose out of his body it
paused a moment to look at the
delicate body that was its
home for so many years. After
a few moments he took one last
*** look at his home that he had
been so proud of. He turned and saw a golden stairway
as he started to ascend the ladder thoughts flashed
through his mind. He had decided that this must be
the way to heaven for he heard the harps of angels
and other heavenly sounds. He grew more anxious and
quicken his pace up the beutiful stairs. He did not
grow tired though his was nearly sprinting up the
stairs. The sounds were so very near that he decided
to just stop and listen to their melodies. After this
momentary lapse he continued up the stairs. Within
a few moments he had reached the top of the stairs,
where his eyes set on the golden gates of heaven. He
seen the happy people behind the sacred gates. He ran
ran to them and push on them to let him in.
Excuse me, the voice came from a man positioned
behing a podium. He had not noticed this man which
started him.Before we let you in I must recheck your
life of sin to make sure you are permitted to enter.
The old soul chuckled at hearing this wondering how
heaven could make a mistake. He went and stood before
The podium and the man from behind began to search
through a massive book that from the very pages light
shown. I dont see anything to outstanding here you
may enter. As he said those words the gates slowly
opened. He waited patiently though he wanted to see
if he could find anyone he knew. Everyone inside was
smiling and at the best of their age.
Then the doors stopped. He didnt know if he could
fit through such a small opening and when he tried he
failed. The old soul began to panic, was he too large
to fit was that it. But when he looked in the gates,
here and there were solid men who wouldnt have been
able to fit through that opening. Maybe the doors had
broken. He turned to the man at the podium to his
surprise had his hand put out as if he was holding
the doors. The old man ran to the podium he couldnt
wait till he was able to go to heaven and be younger.
He looked at the gate keeper whos face was buried in
the massive book. You cannot enter. the voice was
harsh and came from the gate keeper.
But you said I could. he began to cry.
You ruined a girls life. You must leave you beast!
As he said this he raised his head from the book and
glared at the old man.
Please dont do this I was so ignorant back then...
You lie. You lie in the very presence of heaven. How
could God made such a mistake?
The old soul fell to his knees, he began to bawl. I
beg you let me in. I am changed.
Descend the stairs to your eternal damnation for all
the angels and even the Lord himself knows you were
clear minded.
I was so young. Please, please let my weary soul in.
Descend the stairs. At this the old soul turned and
looked at the stairs. He took the first step down. He
noticed that things were darking. For he hadnt noticed
before but his soul had radiated the light of the
Heaven. He now was blackening. He ran for this had to
be a dream all he had to do was out run it. But he knew
it was real for now the beatiful melodies of heaven
pierced his skin. He stopped when the heat from hell
stung his face and the screams tore at his mind.
The soul sat their shaking muttering to himself between
sobs They wouldnt let me in, they wouldnt let me in.
Oh why wouldnt they let me in?? He did this for a
short while till angels and demons grabbed at his limbs
and made him continue on. They dropped him nothingness
where he would ask him those very questions. He had
so close.......
They Wouldnt Let Me In...
they wouldnt let me in...
they didnt want me.......
The End
This story was about a dream that haunted me for 4 years of my
life and still occasionly comes around to haunt me.. Glutz