Pack 35 Info / Members by glue
Pack 35 Info / Members by glue
avg.angel ansichrist catch22
grindstone grymmjack misfit
president transient zerovision Oh my, what the hell happened? I havnt even been able to contact the majority of the glue members in the past two months. I lost my internet account, and now Im fumbling around with this Netzero thing, which sucks. But whatever, its whats going to finally get this pack out. I want to
apologize to the glue family. Its my fault, so sorry.
Youll notice a few new members with glue this
month. Namely Avenging Angel and Grymmjack. Both
have suprised me in recent months with their talent, and they are definately ansi lords in their own right. Welcome to the family guys, and thanks for hanging in there. Props to grymmjack for carrying the pack! Tonnes of art from our new recruit! Great to see man!@ You own. Theres a lot I want to say, but I feel as if Ive missed so much over the past few months. It sucks not being around. So Ill make this short, and do my best to get a new internet account. For now, you can keep in touch with me either on Sector7 or Inso BBSes.
P.S I *JUST* hacked up a new internet account, and
received all of those emails that I missed. Looks
like were in good shape guys. Pack 36 is on its
Inet guru, catch22
info file ansi by fever and catch22 of glue