glue 32 nfo/mem stuff by glue
glue 32 nfo/mem stuff by glue
fever president somberlain
the ruiner
zerovision welcome to glue thirty two. Today, on As the Bottle Drips the Glue family is faced with many perils - from devestating marital situations to mis-handled dinner dates. What does this episode hold for the Glue family? Lets take a look ..
As the sun rises, Fever awakes with one question
on his mind - What should I do for the glue page?
He tosses and turns in his bed, wets his sheets, and
asks his dad to get the hell out of his bed cause he has shit to do. His dad, still half asleep, yells out in a brutish tone Im a fucking D cup, now shut up and fondle! Fever, upset with his fathers words, hops on the computer and begins to piece together glues fanciest webpage yet. Itll be out super soon. But no, you will not find pictures of Fevers dad in a bra there. The clock strikes noon, and a blind man stumbles into the family room. As he collides with a table, he knocks over the precious family vase, dating back to times when the average male weiner was really big - cause neantrathols obviously have big dinks.
Somber, zip your pants back up. The blind man
apologizes, Oh my, its honestly not my fault, I
am cursed with ZeroVision. However everyone is too
engaged in the card game Asshole to listen to the
blind man. The remaining members of the family are gathered around the table, each holding their cards with intensity. Catch22 lays down a one eyed jack, and thinks he has the winning hand. For he only has one card left. However a man slides out a suicidal king, taking the win, and proclaiming himself President. Crimson skye gets fed up and utters the words, Fuck this , Ive been asshole for the last 32 rounds and Im tired of it. Catch, youre a dink you be asshole for a while. Catch didnt like that so he told him to leave the game. We say goodbye to Cskye. With that, Somberlain and President head out of the house and to their secret lair to piece together a plan that will devour and exterminate the entire existant of mankind. Somberlain, quick with witt begins to lay out his ideas. We could like, make talking illegal, and then people cant communicate, and the only way theyll know whats up
is if they draw pictures of shit and show them to one
another - they could even zip them up and release
them to the masses sequentially. Pres just looked
at him with awe and said Holy crap man, you just
said SEQUENTIALLY. What will the following months, years, decades and centuries hold for the glue family? Who knows, the soap just got cancelled after its first show. So much for that. Maybe well stick to drawing pictures with blocks. Check the pack, and enjoy. - alt253alt253