glue twenty two by catch22
glue twenty two by catch22
hi psidream, thanks for paCKING tha pack this month homeslice. kissy kissy.
catch22 of GLUE
we aint nevah gonna die.
the scenes been through so much crazy shit lately. maybe its time to start
from scratch. donno. well see how it goes, but someones gotta do something
fast. we need to see more quality art, lots more. i know i havnt exactly
been pulling my weight, but i doubt many of you are working full time and
going to school at the same time, AND running an ansi group. but ill manage.
im sick of hearing excuses just as much as i am giving them. but anyways,
next month ill have more time, and all the months to follow. i hope you can
find the time to show the scene what youre made of too. 1 month in the hole
feels like a year. some say weve been in the hole for atleast 6 months now.
its time to climb out. we just gotta figure out whos gonna supply the ladder.