glue web team ::
hi, ive done the past 2 glue pages, glue2097, and glue2098.
the group glue was hardly ever involved in both projects,
and catch22our fearless cofounder!?!? mentioned that glue
web pages should become a team effort. soo, hence, the glue
web team. currently, myselfdrs and knocturnl are in it.
and were looking for new members! three new members to be
exact. we want one person from the following areas --
1 Person Experienced in JAVAscripttm / JAVA applets
1 Person Experienced in HTML 3.0/4.0 specs, no frontpage!
1 Person Experienced in 3D Rendering/Professional Hires
we will select the three from submissions from applicants.
the selected individuals will be apart of glues new dept.
the glue web team. send submissions to,
and I will pass them on to other members. the submissions
are different for each category, they are listed below.
JAVAscripttm / JAVA applets Applicant --
At Least 3 Examples of Original JAVA Applications
HTML 3.0/4.0 specs, no frontpage/hotdog users please! --
3 Completed Sites Written by Hand according to HTML 3.0 or
4.0 specs. We will only accept people who know HTML by heart,
this means NO GUI editors whatsoever can be used. You need to
enter your code directly into a text editor.
3D Rendering/Professional Hires --
At Least 3 Renderings JPEG/TIFF Formats Preferred
At Least 3 Professional Hiresolution VGAs.
we look forward to your submissions
// glue web team //