h appy chinese new year
woop. its that time of month ppl. another glue release.were
prolly the only ones left about now,but care not do we. this is
fun, this ansi medium. we like it, and were here to stay.
i nteresting things that happened
i just finished watching mallrats for the umpteenth time. is
there possibly a better movie out there? mebbe clerks, but its
i think the toronto raptors won a game.
1998 began. werd
fobeeuh quit, then joined, then quit, then joined, then quit
then joined, then got laid, then resigned, then joined.
i saw half baked bee.
the neon nazis are formed.for more information read the info
file conveniently located in this very pack.
i nteresting things said about glue
static4 glue is another word for dickspit
bob sagget i sucked dick for glue
othello to glue or not to glue.
discofunk ill pay you guys to stop releasing
c atch69s disrotation.
hello. this has got to be glues best month ever. we
have proven ourselves to be a group that should be
taken seriously, and we do our best to make the scene
a fun place. quality art is not what the scene is made
for. the quality of the art is a big part of it, but
if people dont have a good time,or enjoy what they are
doing, there is no purpose behind the scene. this is
the basis of glue. quality and fun. anyhow, we gained
some HUGE talent this month. im sure theruiner will
mention everyone who joined and if not, just check the
member list, care of knocturnal. i just want to give
special mention to tainted,who came back to glue spite
all the invitations to groups such as legion, avenge,
and all the other top runners the scene has to offer.
he has made glue his home, and i know i am personally
very happy hes with us. who wouldnt be? thanks bud
for all the help and support, and believing in us when
everyone else doubted us. i may not have met you in
real life YET, but i still consider you an actual
friend. not to shove off the other members, everyone
is equally important, its just that i have talked to
tainted since my first days on irc. actually, my FIRST
day i think. oh blah oh, this month catch22 got
some booby, so im all giddy. and i saw a lesbians
breast! she showed me her nipple ring, so i like SAW
A REAL LIVE BOOBY. boobs kick ass. have a happy bday
knocturnal, and i hope you got many birthday spankings
last night fobeeuh! anyways, im out. enjoy the pack!
t he end
exaggeration, may not have happened, or been said.
im sure theruiner meant to, at some point, but he was too
busy picturing himself naked again.