glue font by Phoman AND catch22
glue font by Phoman AND catch22
g l u e . p r o d u c t i o n s . n i n e t y . s e v e n
----------- catch22 has a few words ----
ok. i drew the outline of the glue in there. phoman wanted to joint it, so
i handed him that. then he msgs me and tells me he finished it, and its all
done. so i took a look and noticed that my sig wasnt on there,. even tho
i do know that i didnt do enough to consider it an actual joint. but still
i felt a bit ripped off. so i told him, ok ill just add my sig and send it
back and he told me that he already sent it to wator for the echo pack. but
then i told him about that little grey spot under the top part of the e in
glue. he said oh yeah, ill get it from wator and fix it which he obviously
never did. i told him it was ok that my sig wasnt on it and stuff,. stupidly,
but i did ask that he give me atleast SOME recognition. he didnt. so im
releasing it in the glue pack, whether he likes it or not. ripping sucks, its
the communist apathetic structure that comprehends our flouable attitudes, and
molds them into the contradictory patheticness that once did rule our malevalentgovernment. so there poo head.