GENOCiDE INFO FILE GENOCiDE INFO FILE GENOCiDE INFO FILE GENOCiDE INFO FILE Well, here is GENOCiDEs first Reich. We are a new group and all, but I am very impressed with the quality of most of our members work. I will start with a little GENOCiDE history, and then do the regular stuff from there. GENOCiDE grew from the ever-so-small GENiSiS which didnt really last long due to bad orginization. Anyways, I brought some of the older members of GENiSiS to GENOCiDE iTZAK, Falcon and now we were a new group but we needed members. The upper 6i6 area code doesnt really have a great selection of artists, so off to the InterNET I went. ZiGG joined, then came H-Faze, then DeATHWiSH and finally TERSiAN. I do not mention MuadDiB because he just dropped one day no idea. Then since MuadDiB our coder split I searched for a worthy replacement, and I found Tap Water. Tap runs a BBS in the upper 6i6 ac. and it is his own code, from scratch. Very impressive. Of course it is still in those Alpha Stages. He is mostly working on his code and really didnt have time to contribute to this month s pack. Hopefully he will contribute next month hint. Enough of History, We have 2 count em 2 TRiAL members, YeSMi and SandMan. I havent heard from SandMan, but YeSMi will be a member in the next Reich. Other than this a couple of GreetZ and an info on how to join this info file is over. To apply to GENOCiDE send 50.00 and a self addressed envelope to: I am giving my money away 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue Washington D.C. District Of Columbia 0000-31337 If you really wish to apply unzip the gen-app.zip in this archive and fill out the txt file of your profession. This woulnt of been necessary if MuadDiB just left, he was the one working on the app/viewer. Then give it to a Senior Member. SPeCTRe, H-Faze, or ZiGG. You can find us on the IRC as: SPeCTRe BaYFiELd H-Faze hfaze ZiGG ZiGG or E-Mail me at: SPeCTRe bayfield@pentagon.io.com and if you really wanna pay LD charges call the Temp WHQ, 11101100, at 6i6-938-1572 2400-14.4k, 9600 Data Transfers. And E-Mail Bayfield or Tap Water and upload it into the Art/Apps file area. Thanx. Now for those GreetZ: DeATHWiSH: Lapse?... you da man HellSpawn: Thanx for letting us use that Phunky Logo H-Faze: Ta da... numero uno TERSiAN: it is out!.. finally!! PEvil: Board Stats.... Board Stats... : ZiGG: You worked your ass off, good job! All You Dead-Wood Members: Do something or your out.. Group GreetZ to: Lapse, iCE, ACiD, Surge, BAD, WBallz snicker, Manifest, SHiVER, and ummm like those two related name groups, NATiON and UNiON . SPeCTRe bayfield@pentagon.io.com