Joint colly for Special Sauce! by Multiple Artists
Joint colly for Special Sauce! by Multiple Artists
Welcome to the Function Special Sauce Logo Coll
Heres the jist of this: I sent a blank, uncoloured out
line see
below: original outline by quip to many artists around th
e scene. These
artists were to re-shape and shade the logo to their liking,
and to reflect
their personal style.
I think this colly turned out very well, and most of the
artists did
not limit themselves just to shading the logo, but actually
went completely
nuts on it and changed it quite a bit.
-- original outline by quip --------------------------
-- catch22 -- glue -------------------------------------
-- cryogenic -- force ----------------------------------
n cryoforce
-- dissonance -- glue ----------------------------------
-- dr. seuss -- glue -----------------------------------
-- mr. flibbles -- mistigris ---------------------------
flibbles mist
-- haquisaq -- mistigris -------------------------------
-- kleenex -- function ---------------------------------
-- kyo -- groupless ------------------------------------
-- nitnatsnoc -- function ------------------------------
hes mean, lean and ..
-- plazz -- groupless? ---------------------------------
samurais special sauce sss
-- quip -- function ------------------------------------
Special Sauce - ansi by q
uip function
-- retribution -- zenith -------------------------------
special sauce
-------------------------- Thanks to all those wh
o participated. For those of you that were on my lis
that did not submit for this month, I will still release the
logos next month
in another colly although it would have been classier to ha
ve them all
together in the same colly - oh well.