..funkyass ascii 1...
this has arrived. August 2599, is todays date. A new era in ascii has
once again arrived.
Its different this time around though. This time it has meaning! This time
the fun has come back to it all. There is a new love, the most of us have
acquired a new feeling towards ascii, and it all comes from respecting that
which we call a hobby. This time, its all about the dollar sign and the
dash baby!@ .. The art in this package speaks for itself, so I dont have
SECRET OUT! And if ya didnt, It doesnt mean we dont love ya!
Thisll be a brief info file. How the group came together pretty much
explains itself: The ascii scene got a little bit boring, and two groups
just wasnt enough. The competition was way to one sided, enter the funk.
Everyone in True is in the same state of mind, it has something to do with
domination throgh confidence and skill, NOT words.
We all needed a group to give us something more than a place to draw,
A group that supplied an actual family, a group that produced quality ascii
a group that could joke around without people quitting because of their
pride, and a group where no one was going to get stabbed in the back. And
here it is. Expect big things from us, expect our ascii to be better, and
expect us to have it out for you from now until we die. Why? Simply because
we expect the same from you.
Hey Dr Dooom, anything to yell?
8/25/1999. Dr Dooom transmitting.
Change. Respect. Domination. These words come to mind when I think about the
future of True. Lets go deeper into these words.
Change: Everything changes. You change, I change ... The scene changes.
Its time for change once again. Not just the fact of there being a new group
in the scene, but its the fact that we all have to face now. The scene
domination will be changing hands. And whos hands will this be turned to?
Funkyass Ascii.
Respect: Respect is what makes the scene flow smoothly, and the scene is
lacking this very important factor today .. Did we all see that sucker
Markryders colly in the last Mimic?.. This is a great example of the ignorance
of the scene today. MarkRyder may be a clever child, be revenge is a
motherfucker, but I will go into that next month. You are going to get yours
MarkRyder. Thats right kids. You are all going to have to learn respect. We
arent going to use silly words, or anything like that. You will learn through
the ascii. Pure and simple, great ascii. Its time to grow up, or go home.
Its time to learn respect. Who will be respected now?
Funkyass Ascii.
Domination: What you are viewing in this pack. Who are you being dominated by?
Funkyass ASCII.
Prepare for more.
Sargon wouldve had something in this, but we could not find him. Mind you
his ascii this month pretty speaks for him. See you in 00 days, bIIZZNITCH.
The pack is small, yes, but thats only because we took out all the oldschool
and that stupid motherfuckermydknight lost half of the pack. what a fucker.
Members - Dr Dooom, Pariah, sb, mydknight, meatpod, Keith Turbo, sargon,
mr. gerbik, and a bunch of oldschoolers who we decided not to let
release. Want to join? Fuck off.
LLL : b : b : jb
.* : *P *dP ,*dP /,
di : 7.d7.j7.d7.dP.d7,Ss,. .,*.
4S*,. .,*.
47* . *?7** . 4 4 .d
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b. 4 layoutandlogoskeithturbo - fizzunkyass!ascii :7*
4 infobymydknightdrdooom :*