AMiSH by MiSFIT & Mel Farr
AMiSH by MiSFIT & Mel Farr
Hai Guyz -
Mel Farr here. Under here you will find an ansi by MiSFiT of Amish.
this ansi originally appeared in Apathy08. I want you guys to see it
because its pretty interesting.
ph34r my t00nage. w000.. - misfit apathy * ice
ops: trip poo. heh misfit. apathy whq/rival ushq/ice member/ supahflu. 602 589 0791.
ansi by misfit o apathy. i got fucked up yesterday and stepped in a pile of
horse shit damn amish people. anyway, i guess thats my artistic inspiration.
thats not supposed to be me though. my afros bigger.
i would claim this to be 100 original except for the font, which is inspired
by aphid twix, but alas.. i didnt invent homies, or poop, or afros for that
matter. wish i did, though :.
i hate living in pennsylvania. the 717 scene sucks. all cool 717 people should
form a support group or something ..
hi.. my name is misfit and.. sniff..
cmon man, get it out. youre among friends here.
well.. sniffle.. im from.. sigh 717.
i know, i know.. shoot me.
gosh im wacky.
this ones goin out to eerie whos really hard to understand when you talk to
him on the phone .. trust me. i was on an emerge conf once, back in my saint
sinner days, and he was like on a payphone, freezing his ass off, and all hed
say was theres people walking by and wondering why im speaking to the phone
in english. just for that, he gets a greet.
Reenter MFS
Firstly, MiSFiT says, and I quote damn Amish people
Later he says: I hate living in Pennsylvania.
Finally, and here is the killer, he says:
the 717 area code sucks
If you go back and look through the first amish pack dont you will see
them try to portray the 717 in a different light: interesting unique
etc... whats going on here?
I think its obvious that this is a case of PTSD. Growing up in a civilization
that does not use FUEL is traumatizing. Sometimes, to survive, sometimes we
begin to idealize the source of our trauma. When it is another human, we call
this stockholm syndrome. AMISH is obviously a bunch of poor sad souls who have
been through something awful for their very survival are attempting to spin
a positive into a negative. Unfortunately, such spin has consequences. We at
FUEL are dedicated to the PROGRESS of civilization. We will call it like it is
We will never idealize something harmful.
We dont hate the AMiSH, we hate what they stand for. And we will triumph.