Fading Black (oneliner header) by Smooth
Fading Black (oneliner header) by Smooth
----------------------------------------- oneliner header for WESTIE
Smooth : ArakNet Website : www.araknet.xyz
Hawk : Yarr! Who dares pay a visit to thee Black Flag?
Pequito : This place needs more GREEEENNN!
Propane : Ungennant is best drawers.
Ktulu : Keep your hands off of my SHEEP!
Anachronist : Shhhhh... its my little SEKRET!
moop : meeeeep! meeeeep! Im the road runner.
TCF : Bobs and Vagenes.
---------------------------------------- oneliner header for CRIMSON
i N C
* O N E . L I N E R S*
SuddenDeath Vision/2 is out yall.
Stackfault Why is your hackbot talking to my hackbot?
BlockJesus All praise the almighty, AVGeez-US!
g00r00 See you guys in a few months...
Pinguino I heard you were giving away FREE energy drinks? I want 4.
MercyfulFate Obv/2 XRM is coming soon...
Nuskooler Enigma 1/2 BBS v0.1 - alpha is coming sooner.
cr1mson Everyone go play some LegionRPG.
Ktulu /away *** BUSY working on ktulumod 10x.
Smooth Who drew all of your art bro, this BBS looks SICK! Wow!
------------------------------------- oneliner header for STACKFAULT
t h e b o t t o m l e s s
o n e . l i n e r s
Stackfault Smooth is killin it...
Hackbot More data, more data... burp..
Solaris Are you getting an Error 404 or Error 1202 ???
Smooth Another killer ArakNet BBS. w00t!
Pequito Love it... GREEEEEN LETTERS!
Ktulu Hey Pequito, you left your walker at my house. HEEHEE
Spidy Babes On Fire . babes.ninja.download:xxxx
deathr0w Spidy, if youre here then whos tending to the bridge?
Anachronist I am the BRIDGE MASTER. Muhahahaha.
warmfuzzy FDN is up an running and its blazing FASTTTT!
------------------------------------- oneliner header for STACKFAULT
ONE LINERS -----------------
Neo / Do I take the blue pill twice a day or was it the red pill?
Morpheus / Im trying to free your mind, Neo...
Kate Libby / You wish! Youll do shitwork, scan, crack copyrights...
Phreak / Its in that place where I put that thing that time.
Cereal Killer / Hack the planet! Hack the Planet.
Dade Murphy / I dont play well with others.
The Plague / There is no right and wrong. Theres only fun and boring.
Agent Bob / The world of the electron and the switch...
Ms. Murphy / What did you learn from school today?
E.T. / E.T. phone home...
Dade Murphy / Pool on the roof must have a leak.