fuel #29 info
fuel #29 info
Hi, welcome! We know you are here We remember that in the nineties
for the articles, just like us. some inferior groups maintained
Youve come to the right place, an active memberlist. Were not
get ready for the best FUEL info uncool like that. Our members
file ever! and without caps! have a life ok some do and are
older and have other - cough -
Disclaimer: if you have a lack of responsibilities... so we
sense of humor, or you think we encourage inactivity in an
have a lack of sense of humor... attempt to reduce heart strokes
or if you take things way too amongst our ranks.
serious or if you have a
tendency to believe any random Weve removed the online pack
bullshit, its better to stop viewer from our fuel.wtf website
reading now, and not only and are now linking to 16colo.rs
because we care about your for viewing our packs online.
mental health, we dont want to Because those folks at 16colo.rs
be bothered about it either. have done a much better job than
Were just mentioning this in us creating a web gallery -
case someone who just hit
puberty reads this. Thanks, Speaking of 16colo.rs, they added
carry on now! e-mags to their website which can
now be viewed/executed from
Anyway, welcome again to our 29th webbrowser, but also the content
FUEL pack. We didnt think wed is now indexed and searchable. As
come this far, but it appears a result, we are now actively
that restarting doing blocks hunting down all reviewers who
after a short break of two have given bad scores to FUEL
decades is being slightly packs in the nineties. The
addictive, casually addictive internet never forgets just like
though. So Quip now knows what he the Mafia. By the way, does
has coming as he is joining us anyone have STCs address?
after years of inactivity and
were absolutely thrilled about Artpacks do not belong in this
what he is releasing with us in age, the entire format is
this pack. outdated, therefore we will
release all following packs as a
Next month we celebrate our 2 blockchain.
year anniversary of FUEL activity
in this century. And that is a Rumor has it that a talk on ANSI
record, it even beats our 1,5 history and an ANSI compo is
year record of getting along in happening end of May at Comicon
the nineties, hurray! in Denver. Exciting news that is,
anything that brings attention to
We sort of forgot to mention it textmode art has our interest:
last pack and the one before FUEL will be present to heckle..
that too probably, but our I mean support any way we can.
friends at Blocktronics had their
10 year anniversary last year in Also happening early June 2019 is
August. Congratulations fellas! the LayerOne demo party which
Quite an accomplishment ofcourse, hosts one of the most interesing
yet youre still the youngest ANSI compos as the line length
active ANSI group in existence - is limited to 23 lines. Badmouths
say that only in smaller ANSI
FUEL has officially changed its pieces real talent shows and that
view on block ASCII and we are anything longer than 25 lines is
now willing to release it in our in fact VGANSI. Which we all
packs if it meets our quality know is a lesser artform, just
requirements. That said, in almost like LIT. Seriously though,
30 years of seeing block ASCII, LayerOne had really great
we have not seen much block ascii submissions last year and we look
that meets our quality standards, forward competing again in a
but by all means keep trying! compo that is really about ANSI.
Also starting this year Smooth
Wed like to stress also that will become part of the jury.and
blocks are blocks and not pixels. is now accepting bribes too...
Whoever calls them pixels should hearsay.
be forced to draw ANSI using MS
Paint. For the record an IBM FUEL will also be present at
codepage 437 character consists Revision 2019 in Germany during
of exactly 128 pixels or 144 the easter weekend April 19-22.
pixels when using 9px letter We would like to apologize in
spacing. advance for anyone we might
insult and/or offend, we will be
Earlier this month, the Belgian drunk. But to end on a positive
division of FUEL had a meeting. note: we promise to keep our
Needless to mention that the nagging about the Shali viewer
content of the conversations is used in the ANSI compo below
classified but during the 4h/day, that is very reasonable
after-party TK passed out, fell because we dont sleep, ok?
on the floor on the back of his
head. Thereafter he still felt Our infamous FUEL chat, which
brave enough to walk home and happens to be hosted on Facebook
apparently has supported various Messenger as most middle aged
buildings and kept them from men with a history in BBSing
falling over. happen to hang out there is now
linked to our original fuel
The FUEL Canada division has channel on IRC EFnet. That
doubled in size this month! means anyone can join in the
Hurray! conversation and see us whine
about our mid life crisis in
realtime, join us and we will
share our codeine pills with you!
Oh right.. AMiSH, do I really
need to bother mentioning them
again? Dont think so, we won
FUEL29 - March 2019