fuel 23 line ANSI compo by fuel
fuel 23 line ANSI compo by fuel
Fuels 23 line ansi compo 2017
judging by: knocturnal
1. Avenging Angel aka avg
cut paste characters with minor differences, but avg wins because i told
him to draw this exact thing and he would win. so he did. although i wanted
him to draw dhalsims elephant bg, he drew the dumb spa bg instead, so he
deserves a hundred hand slap. but avg still wins, because i really like this
piece, plus he listened. the chibi style worked well here. so congrats and
well deserved. this piece was yoga fire!
2. burps
this is actually the winner of most use out of 23 lines. apparently theres
19 minions here. in 23 lines. think about that.... but we cant expect less
from smallscale god burps. im always happy to see new burps art, even if its
badly drawn fonts he only shows to me via Facebook PMs. burps has an instantly
recognizable, unique style and I gave him second just to prove tk wrong.
3. the knight
Fuels 23 line ansi compo 2017
this is a really original piece. im liking the inverted character, and white
on yellow highlights always get me when done correctly. also the ends of the
wings are nicely done. blue was an odd color choice, but works here. the few
spots of red add a nice touch. they cyan/gray background is rather simple and
i feel like more could have been done with that. tk has only started drawing
recently again, so its nice to see him improving with each piece.
4. propane
this probably deserves a higher place, but it feels lacking without a bg.
and maybe some shading inside the mouth. BUT what is already here is great..
i just want to say finish this, propane! but its too late. also this whole
23 liner compo thing was pros idea so really he deserves more credit than i
can give. so i feel like thats his face when seeing this, but with a
marijuana in the corner.
5. pinguino
is this CCC? i feel like it is : if you dont know already, pinguino isnt
exactly an ansi artist, but she tries anyway, and we love her for that. shes
well known for more hirezy things like hirez art and photography. but every
now and then she blesses us with cute animal ansis. i had to fix the left eye
because iCE colors decided to take over or was he actually supposed to be
winking? but its all good. ping also draws superfast thanks to monster white
energy drinks, which is always useful when you need more subs so your pack or
compo wont suck. ps: i want to pet this cat.
6. bloxgifson
unfinished homoerotic gif2ans of a famous american poster/ad campain that has
been responsible for turning young boys gay since the late 80s. thanks bo.
this was probably a bad idea to draw since no one but americans will really
get the reference, so points taken for that. also, its clearly a really bad
burps ripoff, so more points taken. finally, its grayscale. only people who
cant shade use grayscale, so even more points were removed. on the plus side,
it looks pretty cool in the VGA preview window and thats what really matters.
so you can have some points back. unfortunately, youre still in last place.
agree? disagree? send love/hate mail to: k1@blocktronics.org