Fuel 17 Info file by Fuel Staff
Fuel 17 Info file by Fuel Staff
the fuel phenomenon 17
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- .. ---The September Interpolation--- .. -
Well , first things first , youve probably been wondering why last
months pack wasnt sauced properly , some members that tend never
to miss a pack werent active , a pic or two lacked a signature , etc .
This is simply because the pack pretty much screwed up on us in the last
minute .
I nd had all the pack material in my hdd, and was planning to go on
the net and get all of the other submissions , either off of the web ,
by email , or , on IRC .
This unfortantly didnt happen , as I came back from school , I had
no computer any more , and also no phone line..well..these details
really dont matter , we still managed to put out a nice pack and get
positive reviews on , but what this REALLY means , is that youre watching
one of the most fantastic hirez packs ever to be released lately in the
art scene . Were truly pleased with this packs submissions .
we have CLEARED and SWEPT and REORGANIZED our members list.
now as you all know , some changes have occured in the leading positions
of the group , as burps goes to college and theknight is lowering profile..
well..somewhat..hes an addict , so we cant really know.
Anyway , I wont list all of the people weve removed this month as I
find it a waste of time..check out the members list..you should have
last months too..so compare if it interests you.
Coming back to be an active fuel member and a highly talented one , mind you
is Gimango .
Hes been inactive for 2 months , and Ive started wondering what has ever
happenned to him , since I see him as one of the scenes greatest talents .
Hes already an established 3D artist with high quality rendered scenes
behind him check out fuel 12 to 14 , and now hes finally made the transition
to a high end 3D Application , and while hes learning the program , he
supplies us with some kickass 2D Images , showing great airbrushing skills .
We thank gartak for guesting us this month , Some high quality 3D never harms.
Coming back into the activity list is comatose .
Hes been inactive since fuel 15 and now hes back with a logo colly and
a kickass superman pic : . beware .
We also welcome Element to our ranks this month .
This guy is a MEGA 3D artist , he works for autodesk , and hell be
releasing his pics with us since hes got abit more time on his hands
now . This is indeed a great addition to our hirez division .
I want to make a point about these logo collies that weve been releasing
for 2 months now .
This .... concept .. taken ofcourse from the ansi / ascii scene , where
logo collies exist in every pack , has been transformed into the hirez
scene a while back , when God among lice of Fire has released a few
logo collies in Fire Packs .
But it has REALLY started its way in the art scene , when tiny3D has
released an impressive logo colly in an iCEpack a few months back ,
and also in iCE60.
Ive already talked about that point before , but I want to add an
important point that has risen lately .
It is true that we are trying to keep our status as a PICS group , and
that goes BOTH for the hirez division and the ansi division , but we
do support the logo colly concept , as our artists seem to complete
decent logos every month and itll be a shame not to release them ,
and if we can also help inserting this refreshing new concept into the
hirez scene , then all the better .
Mind it though , that getting into the group based on logos only is
pretty much hard , and will requier you to be a logo artist of an
outstanding level , since we still are mainly a pics group .
Last but not least , Bryce aka Tempo is going to be lowering profile
abit , too .
Hell still be around , but hes going to take a bit of a break from
the scene , concentrating on some other stuff .
We appreciate his help to the group and we hope hell return to be
fully active soon .
It never harms to apply , standarts are high , but you can always try .
Hrm..that rhyms..coolness.
Heh..anyway..if you think youre qualified to join up with us , mail
Enzyme , He will currently be taking care of applications , at
enzyme@iglou.net , or yell at him on IRC .
Id rather not get applications by mail , but if you get on IRC
and hes not around , you can bug me instead .
Thats it for this month , wait for yet another package of supreme quality
next month.
Signing off.
Fuels hirez coordinators . Night Daemon Enzyme.