Info File for Fuel 15 by Night Daemon
Info File for Fuel 15 by Night Daemon
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exhaust fuel14 HIREZ information file sportscar watch the tire tire leather man! to boldly draw what no one has ever drawn before Hello all , you are watching another Fuel hi resolution
Pack ..
Nothing much to say this month , weve had alot of 2D submissions , I think this pretty much shuts up the ppl who called us renderers only group ..
So whats new this month ? Psyanide , Utopian and Mark joined
and are active this month , They are all pretty good artists and Im pretty pleased to enter marks unique style into the group . We thank the ppl who guested us always , thanks to
Tomppa1 and Navillus.
Weve been working ALOT on the page last month , and
weve finally registered our on domain , , and the server wil be up and running in a very short time. Thanks to Tempo for putting up all so much work and
effort into it .. the page looks good and will be up soon. Necrofiliac came 5th in Wired 97 , his pic for the party ,
King Arthur can be found in this months pack. Havent really got much to say this month , I think were already pretty well established as one of the top
groups in the hirez scene and from now on were just moving along from pack to pack... Watch out for some fuel specials next month , we hope to have at least two g Last thing , our hirez division is big , even VERY big ,
some ppl are active , most are , but some really dont
justify their membership in the group anymore . Well be doing a cleanup next month , booting all members who dont contribute to the group.. Another thing , if youre going to join , join coz you want to be in , Im really pissed at grouphoppers and if thats what youre goanna do dont bother applying . thanks.
We still welcome new comers to the group , if you think you are qualified , leave me mail at with a few samples of your work , or catch me on IRC on fuel Until next month ..
Night Daemon , Fuel HiRez organizer.