fuel 14 infofile by fuel
fuel 14 infofile by fuel
theres more hidden shit in this logo than in darkman smokecrossanimal bird
enhir cigarette c street towers guy ligh u t
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guy 2 g1 wind- convertab le shield hood
drop me off at my house...THIS IS MY HOUSE MAN!!!
exhaust dazed and confused fuel14 info file sportscar watch the tire tire leather man!
design.tk.fuel to boldly draw what no one has ever drawn before soyez bienvenus dans le monde Gaz! propose to mister dawson. will you marry me ? euh, what the fuck am i supposed to say here...hmm, what will you do for me ?..... uh...ill do anything you want. ANYTHING i want!? yeah, ANYTHING you want... ha! imagine the possibilities... okay, tell me, do you spit or swallow!? .... hmm, wheres my box of crayons!? oh there it is, right under
the escape key...... much better like this.. okay people, you might have guessed by now that the knight is typing up this info file, which i baptized dazed and confused...
as usual you will find some random bullshit inhere in the usual crappy way... its the best way.. nah actually its not, but it sure is a hell of a lot easier than a real structured info file.. you might be curious what the dazed and confused stuff is about. well, ill tell you. its me.. the scene has been confusing me so much the last month, that i actually almost lost my sense of humor completely. oned what sense of humor boy? do euros have have that? NEWS we wanted to create a real subdivision for the ascii in fuel. discofunk was gonna head it, but he ran off into oblivion for some strange reason.. so uh.. i dunno.. new members this month are ark anjel, big yellow man, fire from heaven, knocturnal, undertaker and master of rage. leaving us this month are those who are not in the memberlist
anymore. figure it out yourself if you care.. not looking them up and listing them here gives me some more minutes to draw. QUOTES thorax tkthr .. i knew it *** thorax was kicked by tkthr tkthr *** tkthr sets mode: +b *!*@DIAL18.LEU.UNICALL.BE tkthr shut up you know nothing tkthr maybe i shoulda said that before i kicked him ? caphood !infest caphood !packus thrtk cap: kpackkus sffs in u kruis jong thrtk you toched burps.. you shouldnt have. thrtk touched even drynwhyl ./TOUCH BURPS EVEN MORE!!!!!!! drynwhyl ./TOUCH BURPS ALOT! d3m0 unFFFFF chronicc ik ben mietje! r7 neuk ? chronicc pijpen tk theknight cc: hahahahhaahah theknight you guys dont have a clue what youre saying. Cardiac whte: what are you smoking? whtetrashcardiac: nothing Cardiac whte: you think im good? Cardiac I dont know why whtetrashhell.. if i was as good as cardiac.. I would kick deeply disturbed out of twilight and release solo in it myself. zP shuddup.. yer scaring muh horse k-martz WHERE COMES THE FUCXZ0RING? WHERE COMES THE FUCXZ0RING!@? k-martz usually they just grab me and stuff k-martz use me like a sex toy k-martz then leave me sore and used.
k-martz I FEEL SO USED!@ drynwhyl I got the pack theknight dryn: thats good.. now watch it.. * drynwhyl is away: checking fuel13 - msg:on/page:off theknight he listened to me! theknight : serial2n xdc send 1 serial2n xxdc send 1 serial2n xddc send 1 dieznyik rb hey dude.. is acid back? dieznyik eYE dO nOT rUN aCID!@ dieznyik eYE jUST sAID eYE dO aCID!@ dieznyik eYE dO nOT rUN iT!@ rb diez I heard you ran it.. asp thr : what that means ? thrashie asp: basic knowledge of good english. asp thr : i school sucks so i dont know the basic knowledge of good english is too bad : . NightyD33 I will kill yew aspyre NightyD33 hmm NightyD33 hes not here
REDRUM23 i am in school pharmacy major aOh red pharmacy? cool.. theknight can use some more drugs :D sp1nn i think im the best artist in my street.
AND NOW, something completely different oh, uhm.. a slight remark here... if you handed in more work for the pack than there is actually in the pack, it just means it got well.. kinda qcd by me theknight, so direct all your
flames and kisses towards me... nobody else.. thank you. at this time i would like to thank the various cool ppl who did a guest contribution in this pack. we love you all.. uh, no not you numb, but tnx anyway eg
uh, alright, im fed up writing this infofile.. i dont have anything meaningfull to say anyway, so heres the mike to some of the people i found on irc while writing this up... and oh yeah.. always keep in mind that we own darkman : je suis un camion, je roule! the knight.fuel1997 Words from thrasher okay, some words from thrasher here actually i was forced to write something by the knight, hes swinging his dick around quite angrily. HEY! dont point that thing at me, you could poke my eye out with that. didnt your mom tell you its impolite to point at people ? in case some of you didnt notice it, the knight has been on vacation last month, traveling the united states. and since burps wasnt going to be around either, they asked me if i would do the gathering and packing this month. anywayz... like everyone probably knows, june isnt really the month that people are higly active. mostly due to the exams most guys have around that time, or people like me, who are just lazy oh yeah, i had two exams myself, which i majorly flunked so ill be having them again in august, what means: ill have another excuse to be inactive. oh yeah, and il leaving on vacation too on july the 7th. that means a two months scene break for me. but dont worry, ill be all over the irc. which brings me to another thing i really have to tell some people. irc should be fun! why is it that everyone gets on irc to show off how cool he is by taking over every channel he can think of? and then when all the people he has pissed off take revenge at them, they come to me crying like a little kid. im sorry but theres something as: reap what you sow. what im trying to say is, dont be an ass. if you cant stand someone /ignore him, but dont spoil irc for people that try to enjoy it. and now... on with the show : later! thrash.
Words from Ark Anjel ark anjel is awesome!! Lo all, this is Ark Anjel, you must be wondering what Im doing here on your monitor. I dunno. Anyways, Im just, you know, writing stuff to help fill space. Hi Jen! Everyone check my colly. youll be sorry if you do! A wise man once said, if you build it, they will come, well, I built an out house today, and they did... Wish I wouldve known about the smell. I hate before the pack jitters, I like long walks on the bitch, I mean beach, turn ons are girls in mud eating pork rines, uhmm, turn offs are local groups in 770, thats all Im gonna say I guess... Less TK wants me t say something else. doodle for hysteria/2 Words from Knocturnal Yep. its me. kNocturnal. The guy who used to draw for blade. Whos blade you say? Yeh. Thats whut i thought. Thats why i draw for fuel now. Maybe i will get some recognition with them. Maybe not. Who knows. Anyways..look at my colly too. Its really grand.
Werd fr0m kyo... HEY! Yo whatsup, I decided to be a little DIFFERENT and
write some shit, anyways since I dont draw ansi I dont
get to really greet anyone, so here it goes! Id like to say whattup to lGiOcDe my mentor, ts my homie, and also his little bro imode! phear my dragon slave anyways ill see YOU! at anime expo 98... er not really. peace. A B C B C A F E abcb.dyn.ml.org OP: Kyofuel
fire from heaven speaks? yes its true.. I am not mute. I do have a few things to say. Most important part of an ansi is the outline. Second most is the time spent. Make your ansis come from a hidden place
Third thing is have fun. This is my tutorial on how to make. an ansi. : This can also be used as a tutorial for vgas. peace - http://www.fireweb.org/ffh WORDS from Propane hmm, yah its me propane, my first month in fuel, and im writing in the nfo file.. this cant be good g.. Anyways, I dont have anything of importance to say, so Ill just babble for a while.. uhhhh... i suck... hmm, this is harder then i thought.. Today i wrecked my moms car.. blah blah.. ok thats enough for one day ill give you some time to soak up all the knowledge in my writings.. have fun.... propane.FUEL P.S: Would you let your 6 year old nephew sleep in a bed with Michael Jackson? WORDS FROM OUR SPONSER Enter kNumb: Im not in Fuel, but thats okay. Youd know that by now if you even bother reading these things for at least the last 2 packs. Yes, 2 two. These guys wooed me once again for the second month like the rabid euro yaks in estruss they are! Who knew what theses sex offenders wanted. They once troubled me. The ones that havent made up their minds yet what theyll do when they get me. Theyll just catch me, and then get creative. They were once the ones to worry about. The ones with ideas. When the time came, they just wanted Ansi. They dissappoint me. Anyway, Number 14. Ill spare you the text about how many hours this pack is over due or why or even why appear as even guest in a group whos works bombard the viewer with brutal imagery of young women who are captured and then subjected to a variety of totures ranging from the darkly
humorous act of spining the victim around on an office chair until nausea is induced, to the truly revolting climax of a victims tortured black and blue bare body covered with live maggots to eat away at the wounds. Instead, hopefully, youve stopped reading this by now and enjoy Fuels offering number 14. -- Sailor Numb Says okay, that confirms it! shes a banshee alright... whoaha my clothes ran away... smells like someone has had some banana flambee inhere... later all, cya next fuelpack the knight.fuel .july 1997.
fuel, we dont talk about it...
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