Edge by The Knight
Edge by The Knight
50 liner ansi by the knight of fuel for
spirit of rages board the edge.
sorry for the very basic font, but
the of it was kinda rushed..yah..sux, i know.. sue me..
knight fuel
greets to: necro, deep, thr, nail, sor, tna,
fluor, inazone, kit, aoh, lskywalker, 5f, cd,
rc, venior, cyrix, alecs, 4tune, fever, filth,
burps, creator, poti, scope, cyclops, and all
the rest i forgot right now.. greets suck
::::::: :::: : : snij hier :::::: :::: :::::::::::::::: :: :::::::::::
::::::: :::: : : the edge :::::: :::: :::::::::::::::: :: :::::::::::