Fuel 12 infofile by The Knight
Fuel 12 infofile by The Knight
the guys with the
strange keyboards...
f u e l
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the aprils fuel pack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yeah hi!
the knight here....
I absolutely dont want to write an info file thats like structured
or stuff, so ill give you the news in a sorta hectic way,
more like a stream of consciousness something.. hi flame, hehe
Well, i was feeling so good and all about this new fuelpack so there
i sat, comfortable behind the keyboard, waiting to logon the internet,
while my service provider was checking my username and pwd and stuff..
then all of a sudden...boom.. it hit me like a ton of bricks, i FORGOT
to pay my isp...fuck.. enter pwd the machine said to me... so i entered
my pwd.. nothing, re-enter pwd ... nothing.. fuck they cut me off coz
i didnt pay the @@ bill...that sux.. i felt rotten...
So i sorta called up some of my fella fuel homies hi thr, and dfr :
and i got one of their accounts to use for a couple of days... tnx
again dfr....ill buy ya a beer or something next time...
What crap am i talking here.. lets get on with the real fuel news
for the month ... first off i want to thank all guys that stayed with
us and that are really devoted and stuff... next id like to personally
thank some guys that have either contributed with a guest or a joint ansi
with one of the fuel guys.. nail, sticky baboon, rotting christ, filth,
napalm death, pinky, mr4tune, zeusII and more...
Right....too much went on this past month to really tell all of it...
some fuelmembers went to several european demoparties such as mekka97
in germany, and to the x97 party in holland...we met some really cool
I wonder whos actually reading all this... since its written in my
crappy euro way eg..
oh yeah.. and did i mention that we really appreciated rotting christs
guest appearance in fuel ? hey man, dont give up on ansi, you rock!
and did i mention that nail loves c64 games, which rock actually :
also i hope i didnt forget to mention that martini on the rocks in
large quantities is great too right speedfreak:
i hope i told you guys how much tna, fluorhi guys, filthsolo sux:,
mr4tunekafkabla!:, inazoneicehomie and kitiarak1t rock too ...
such a strange word, rock..where does it actually come from ? its not
really a verb or something is it ? i mean.. i rock, you rock, he rocks etc.. thats dumb... rock is a musical category... you can play it, but you cant
do it....i guess...
and then she like waved this stick at us, and b00m, thrasher standing
there in a blue suit, in the middle of the woods...right...she
waved it again, b00m, necrofiliac standing there in a white suit...
she waved it again in front of me, b00m... nothing happens....!?@
she said it dont work all the time....
so, i said, hey lady, you owe me one!!! you owe me one now...
and she said, okay, what do you want?
so i thought about a new harddisk, but then again, nothings gonna help
that old pc anymore...that things a goner....
so she said, cmon tell me what do you want... you wanna be a king, you
wanna be a emperor, you wanna own your own pizzahut ? ..........
..... just tell me, tell me... im right here....
and then i said, well, to be honest with you, not to pull any punches,
what i really had in mind was uhhh... i think i could dig ehhh.. i think
i could like .... i wanna be... i think i wanna be , i think i just wanna
be an ansi artist.....
doch dit terzijde... this is not german you ignorant fucks, its dutch
ohyeah.. thrashers pc is fucked somehow.. so i dunno if hes gonna be
able to hand in his finished ansis...so bear with him if they arent in
this pack..
and what else...ah yes... oned handed in something funny for our april
pack :... i dunno if hes ever really gonna draw again, but hell..
you really should oned, or ill send another dead rabbit to yar pool :
uhm... ah yes.. a bunch of new guys joined up this month, you can find
them all back in the memberlist... a personal welcome from me to all
new guys in ansidivision, bobafett, coolguy, cybergod, dizzy, reanimator,
shaggy, caviar, spear, dadrug and novokane.. i could now spell out all
the new ascii and vga members too, but that would take me ages... all in
all 24 new members joined the fuel drawering studios.. so i guess thats
pretty cool.. and yeah, welcome all! : ahyeah.. identity crisis joined
us this month as the first guy to represent our rip division...
some other guys left us, look at the memberlist, if they arent on it
anymore, that means they left, okay ? whoah.. i love the easy approach
type infofile babbling...
oh yes.. deeply disturbed... youre late again... and your pic in the
previous twilight pack was great, so you have no more excuses :...whoo..
i love the put pressure on someone type infofile babbling.. certainly
coz everybody knows that nobody is in a position to pressurize anybody
whos making art... try to figgure this out, im amazed i did myself
im also amazed at how many spelling mistakes the previous sentence must
probably count.. can someone hey warpus please tell me ? :
oh, i forgot to tell you ... i had this secret project running, it was
called Raytinkz, and was supposed to be a reviewing mag only... and i
had some stuff ready for it, but by now its outdated, so i gave it up...
if anyone is interested in helping me out with it, get hold of me on irc,
dont email me about it coz my previous account is dead... @!
ah, something else yo radical!, the dutch artgroup fade seems to
have somehow failed at gathering the dutch ansi-ascii scene together, and
talks were held about some guys teaming up with us yo radical again:..
well ex-fade guys, get a hold of us on irc and tell us if you want to give
fuel a go :
oh yes... and sorry for the subliminal greets....yo watOr
i still dont know what happened to the guys from former eclipse...where
did they all go to.... pitty that group died, i liked it...
why *didnt* the chicken cross the street ?
a coz burps just got his drivers license
b coz deepfreezer nearly fell asleep driving back from germany
c coz filth wants to go solo
d coz the knight was hung over pretty badly
e coz aoh and thrasher were fighting
f coz shaitan draws neue schule
g coz necrofiliac wanted to fuck her cloaka
h coz chronicc would release his colly on it
i coz it was no speed freak
j coz venior had boldly gone there before
k coz warpus and hennie were gonna put it in a blender
l coz mel farr suppahstar drove past in his autoexec.batmobile
m all of the above
send your answers to fuel@hehe.com just try it, i guarantee it works
thats all for today, enjoy the pack, and drop me a word at the email
address i no longer have, bomb my isp with emails damnit.. fuck ping!