Ascii Logocolly by Wishbringer
Ascii Logocolly by Wishbringer
here is my colly for mistigris! first release in mist.
wishbringermistigris ,S,
,S, ,S, ,y.yS
.yS+., +., SS., +., ,S,
S., S., ,syYYYs,
.yS .@SSy., .@SP@,.S.,
yS , S, S , ,yS
Yg,. by wb!.@S by ,gY
Sy. : d :l b, :S .yS
Sy. +., .yS
S,. C I A P R O M O T I O N .,S
YYy, +.,y@YYy, .,yP + ,
.yYs.,S wishbringermist .,yY +
S., S., .yYs., .,y@YYy, .YSY
.,y@SSy,.,ySSy,. .y@S
yY . .yS wb!. S., , Yy
, ,ySSy,
y, ,y.,yS
S., .,yP ,S, S
.,y@YYy, S .,yP y,
b .yYs. , S b, : S,S.,
SYy., + Sy.,S S.,
+o wishbringer S,. M A L P R A C T I C E .,S
,,.,gf Y,
Sy P,.,gfg,.
..,gS,.S,. S,,S
wb! g .,gg,.
l .,gfhg,.
lS ,gS,.,.Sg
y, s.,sP l .,gg
remix... l .cS
S Sg,oS
Sg wishbringermistigris
s., P H A R C .,s
I dont know who this font is for but who ever runs pharc grab it.
there is my colly. umm the wb-pharc was released in cia but i redid it to
release it in mist.
if you want a request or something email me at or call
malpractice at 583-2742. or you can page me on irc my nick is wbCIA
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  • title
  • Ascii Logocolly
  • author
  • Wishbringer
  • group
  • FiSTiGRiS/CiA
  • date
  • 1997-01- 8
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ascii

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