Liquid Fire by Phyn
Liquid Fire by Phyn
celestine created by alan moore c 1996 image comics
yeah, this is a
straight comic book rip. ive felt
of un-inspired lately. so, in order to produce
at least one good pic for this pack, i
had to steal
the idea for this little number off of
the cover of
Image Comics c Glory Angela Is
sue 1. sorry.
yeah, i know what
looks like:.
fire: the clinging
That which is bright rises twice:
The image of FIRE.
Thus the great man, be perpetuating this brightness,
Illuminates the four quarters of the world.
Fire flames upward, hence the phrase, That which is bright ri
ses. Twice is
implied by the doubling of the trigram. In relation to the sp
iritual realm,
brightness means the inate light-imbued predispositions of man
, which through
their consistency illuminate the world. The trigram Li stands
in the south
and represents the summer sun, which illuminates all earthly t
..i thought you knew..
-- phyn fos n
inety-six --