ansi/ascii/lit in one! by Dracula
ansi/ascii/lit in one! by Dracula
da! presents...
Piercing pools of blood penetratings my every thought. Paralyzed, I cannot even attempt to flee. Deathly scenes fill my head. A young boy lay
fcae down in a puddle of his own blood,the side of his head missing and his hand clutching a tattered shirt Tie dyed in greens and
purples. A name echoes in my head JASON JASON JASON...
Screams shreak throughout thehouse.What have you done?
Pouncing footsteps draw closer getting louder,
even louder, now deaf ning. The door opens
Ahhhhhhhhh.....A woman falls lifeless to the
floor and the male be hind her tends to her.
His eyes make contact with my own and a brief
second lasts for eternity. You.....what
have you done? A tear falls from my
cheek and onto my hand. I look
down to the dampened skin and
fix my eyes onto the weapon I am
holding. A .45 calibur, my fathers....
and the pan to my left to the boys body
who lay beside me. Brother.....I am sorry
Arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I realize
I am only lookin into the mirror at myself and my
terrible accident.
, Shouts to stf0rge, Ripper, The Messiah,
,, Teekay, Sinful, Lady Dracula, Trident
,, ,a, ,a, ,a,
, ,aa,aa,aa, ,aa,a a,a
,aSa,. ,a
, a
a a
, , , aa , ,.,a
, ,a,. , ,, , , ,
, , a,.,aS
F.0.R.G.E 9.6