june 1997
june 1997
h 7
yessir, i am too handy to handle. look at my logo!!@.. eww..
da history
the other day at irc, eclipse force senior asked me to send over
some of my recent works. he mailed me few days later and asked to
join and start doing ascii. sure i joined. but what is this ansi-
block-stuff below? well, sue me.
da history of h7
... after the dog incident i had the nickname hube. sure it was
a nice handle and all, just got bored to it. now im h7 !!@@@...eh
eleet handle, huh? well it doesnt mean anything, and now i dont
have any problems with putting my tag on my asciis or ansis. sure,
some people even knew me by the name hube and all.
i was in Phat a time ago, but it just didnt seem to be the right
thing to do. it was so huge and stuff. ive been in the scene for
about 2 yrs now and been doing ansi since i found out how to use
aciddraw. bwahahah... suffer.
well. so i quitted phat and then shroom died. kewlkool, huh?
da future
get a fortunetellerlady or something.
216,d136,k2,23,riddler,mice,tomppa1,all folkes in my bbs, in imc, phase1 and
in terebinth. crews of lazarus,echo,dark,force,phat,pwp,plastik,immortal,ltc,
evidence, and all the fuckers im distributing in my bbs :..
and everyone i forgot.
here we go.
this is for Wastrel. and im not sure if i have released it earlier... anyway
sysO: waStrel
this is for FLUE . and his board called yummy...
this here is for Alecs1
and this one below here is for Wildcat wookies and his board, Subdivide.
this one here is for defender and his board
the forgotten sunrise
this one here is for Profane.
1. top uploaders bull
2. top downloaders bull
3. top mulkerot bull
this is for wastrel. a 10 minutes job.
this here is for me... eww.
h7 is here
and here comes the hi-ascii department.
cherry moon for citadel
,g:ss, ,gSS:l:lgg sssl:: ::
,g7 4s, ,g:l ggg, ::l ygg, :l : gg
. ,s , li ,sg il : llil : ll4, yyl
, l : :, i ,7 i ,74,
,, : :sssssslls7 lls7 4sggg
4 l :: 4ss l l l: ssssss7
s, g,, , ,gg, ss ,gg, , s, :l ,,
ll , ,,g7 7g,,g77g,ll, l: l
:: , ,ss, ,ss, ll ,:l :l l
ll , 47 ,, ,:l : lg,
:: l, , , ,, ,:l , i
ll , , ,, , : ssssll
:: :: s, ,ss,,s s: h7
ll ssssssss,
l, stuff goes here
bad omen for wastrel.
: ssl
: :l l ,,,ggggg l: l
l :l l: l
l :l ll:
l l ,,,,: :,,,, l
l ll ll
l: :l
:: h7 ::
:l l:
ggggssssssssgggg ggsssssgsssgggg ggggsssssgggg ssggssssgg,
g ss g s sssssss gg ssi
ssssssssgg ss s sssssss gg
phase1 for energizer
ggggggggggggggggg : :
: ggggggg:
7 :::: p h A s e o N e ::::::: : :
:: ,,gg:::::::: ::::::::: ,gg::: ,gg ,ggg
ggg7ggggg::: ,ggggg7ggg7ggg7
ll 7 :: ggg
,l ::: .. 44gggg l
: : ::: :: ggggg:gg
::::::: ::::: ::::::::::::::::: :::: gggggggg ::::: ....
,4::: ::::::: :::::::::
ggl :::: abc abc
, abc abc
l h7 S abc abc
S,,,,s abc abc
7 abc ztriktlee for abc
7 abc energizAh abc
:::: abc abc
:::: abc abc
:: ss s e n S u a l s e g M e n t
:l gs .h7 abc menu command
l: ss ,, abc
l ,,,ggg abc this is for Psychoex-shroom memb
l7 :l abc ONLY. dont rip it.
gg :l: abc
ggg :: abc psycho, colorize the commands how
+4 l: abc ever you want to .
gg,,,:::ll:::: abc
,,:::: abc
gg :: ::: abc
ggg ... abc
resurrection for gloomprotean
h7 ,,: ,,: ,, ::::::::::: :: ,,: ::::
gg l:gg l:gg. l :::::::: gg. l: ::::
l: :: :: ::: :::::::: l .:::::::::: ::::
:l :: :: :::::::: ::::::::::: ::::
l: :: ::gg :::: :::::::: ::::::::::: :::
lssssssssssgsssssssssssl :::: :::::::: sssssssssssgg :::
:l: sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :::::::::: :::
,,: ,,: ,,::::::::::::: gg ::::: ,, :::
gg l:gg l:gg..lgg :::::::::: gg..l :::
l: :: :: :::: :sss :::::: :::::::: :::
:l :: :: ::::.: ...::::: ::::::::
l: :: :: :::::. :::::::: :::::::: N
lssssssssssgsssssssssssl :::: gg :::::::: :::::::: ...
:l sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :::
i ran out of space... :D
small shroom-logo.... shroom is dead btw.this was the time before it died.
,,,ggg: SSggg,,,,
:: ll
5hroOm :: gg ,
l l l gg l l
l l l , l l
ll ,l gggg ,
, ,7 l h7
all works are c copyrighted by H7 of pWp, plastik and Force Art.
all works will be published. do not rip them. ripping is lame.
requests and trades ought to be sent into cowboy1@sci.fi .
over and out.