fool #27 nfo by Fool
fool #27 nfo by Fool
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Hallo mensen! Welkom to the 27th Fool ansipack release.
After an uncessful attempt to merge with Sucktronics to become
Sucktronics Europe division, we have spent the past month in
Facebook chat trying to recruit their most talented artists. It is
with great success I welcome Apollo XIII, Clockturnal, Defiler to
In other updates I have been taking Viagra for my sunburn. It
doesnt cure it but keeps the sheets off my legs at night.
I will stop boring you with text and get back to practicing my
font drawing. Soon I will conquer Ariel and move onto my most hated
nemesis, Comic Sans. I now leave you in the hands of the ever
cogent Sel Mar Muperfar.
I love you a waffle lot!
Hello fuck-os. sel mar muperfar here.
A quick question, wat zie je wanneer je Belgi binnenkomt?
Friettent, friettent, friettent, friettent, friettent, kotsbak!
Alright that was a trick question because as everyone knows there is
no such thing as the country of Belgium. Its a leftist propogana
tactic with the intention of brainwashing the hapless children of the
world into liking brussel sprouts. NO ONE LIKES BRUSSEL SPROUTS.
It has also come to the attention of Fool that many
prominent artists in the ansi scene are becoming
innundated with pirates of their work.
These unlawful thieves stealing complete,
totally, 100 original art from artists
who toil away for hours without compensation
only to find their beloved art on t-shirts and
stickers. This injustice simply cannot stand
any longer.
That is why it is with great pleasure and absolute determination that
this will be Fools last release. Fool is disbanding both as an art
group and corporate entity. As of July 28th, 2018 Fool will reform as
a new type of legal defense fund dedicated to the prosecution of all
types of art scene theft. Any art released by any member of Fool or
any Fool look-a-like group is simply a trap to capture those illegal
pilferers of hard work by indiginous Internet artists.