the march newsfile
the march newsfile
so, its already time for the second flavor experience.
actually the time was already over a month ago, but due
to some unfortunated happenings, we decided to release
not in february, but in march. still, we will not apo-
logize you.
we will continue to release one pack per two months, so
get used to it. that is, until we get more active mem-
we got only one new member, distance, as an internet co-
ordinator. hes also cloudcity sysop. the new swedish
hq is the grind, so go and check it out. we also have a
swiss hq nowadays. its called the neutral zone.
taste, the official flavorview, was on the way until the
coder stopped programming it, so its on hold for a
while. coder is mojo, not a flavor member.
- tarot, the 14th of march