how insane can one man be?
to abandon all that he has worked for,
all that he has dreamed.
but to enlighten a dark age
with a flare
...despite impossible odds...
i n f o
k l u m z e e n e w s f l a r e
For the few who saw flare 1, this is more of a clarification, for those of you
who are just joining me, this is more of an info file.
About 6 weeks ago... I sat down at my computer...
I sat there.
And sat there some more.
Just staring blankly into the computer screen.
You know what i was looking at?
Legion 4.
you may be thinking that im stupid to promote legion in this info file, but
hey, no one ever said i was bright :
I was looking at legions 4th pack, I was being awed, amazed, i quickly comparedthis pack to the 3 previous ones, and then to some other good groups...
I had noticed something.
Legion was outstanding...
WHY were they outstanding?
Who knew there was one secret, one ingredient that made the legion what it is?
I sure didnt.
Then i re-read my interview with maestro, trying to find out what it took to
create something so amazing.
It was the respect and love the artists had for ansi, they loved drawing ansi,
and thats what gave them their inspiration, and what gained the scenes respect.
All of this made me realize, that i should keep drawing, and also that going
solo wasnt exactly the right choice for me, so this will be the 2nd and final
flare pack, Im with a new group called trick now, and im going to give anothergroups another go.
erased, over, out.
PS: I hope you enjoy this pack, even though its not much, its got some great
guest work in it, and then theres of course some of my art