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Hi. Klumzee here, as it looks, so far i am the only member in flare to date.
I didnt know whether or not to expect people to join, and i have yet to
to have an invited member ive decided, until further notice, my
attempt at a new group has been cancelled...and I probably wont be around
anymore either. No im probably not QUITTING the scene..Im just taking a break
and since I dont have any groups to release in and stuff, thats pretty easy.
Anyone i owe an ansi to, youll just have to make due without it. heh.
Why am i taking a break? Well, for one, im not feeling the sparks lately...
by that i mean that my ansi seems to be improving, but as it improves i find
i am liking it less, and less. Two, flare hasnt worked out as planned, this
im not very pleased about, especially since i had a lot of enthusiasm, and
dedication towards might not see that but trust me, its there.
Three, Im going to be really cool and come back in a couple of monthsyears
and Ill try to draw again, and thatll be really elite. *Heh heh*
In conclusion, Id just like to say goodbye to ALL these people for awhile
who I worked with in either Spewed, Psycho Arts Incorporated, Chaosphere, wOe,
Purg, Dvs, Cia and Divine and of course all the people who gave me support with
flare, even though it didnt quite work out that well.