pACk 2 - nEWSLETTEr 05/04/98 fLAnGe pRoDuCtiOns 1998 down.but.well keep.coming.back! artpack.two! dev.flange.1998
NEWS 05/04/98---- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------
flange -- Totally Original Material 100 assured in this pack -- flange
1. Introduction
Well here we are. Flange Pack two which i though would never happen but we will
continue to bring you quality music and art from the digital realms.
The music pack two will be released soon and there is quite a bit of original
and really decent material from most of the group, with a fair bit of variety.
I apologise to those of you who missed The Drain BBS in its absence,.
All proboard, pcboard and an iniquity versions of the drain were lost and most
hope of the resurection of the drain, but thanks to the kindness of mates,
the drain is back and recouperating nicely in remote access thanks to Ibanez
donating his old remote access setup to the cause..
Sit back and enjoy the pack.
2. History
The Flange History book comprises of one artpack which was given a review fit
for a documentry on Hitlers sex life. all critisism is taken constructivly
And one music pack which no-one seems to be aware of but still. We are making
our own history better by making the present more important than just before.
-figure that out. 3. Members
mr.d sysop - ansi - ascii - vga - track - mp3 - code
ataxia sysop - ansi - ascii - vga - track - mp3 - code
silverhand sysop - ansi - ascii - vga - track - mp3 - code
dev sysop - ansi - ascii - vga - track - mp3 - code
ibanez sysop - ansi - ascii - vga - track - mp3 - code
4. Pack Contents
dev-2AA1.ANS ... Digital Abstraction
dev-2AB1.JPG ... Hands
dev-2AWD.JPG ... Wierd but good
dev-2BAB.ANS ... Cigga baby
dev-2DR1.ANS ... Drain logo
dev-2FC1.JPG ... Dev Song list
dev-2FG2.ANS ... Flange logo
dev-2FG6.ANS ... Flange logo
dev-2FGP.JPG ... Flange logo
dev-2FL1.ANS ... Flange logo
dev-2FLG.ANS ... Flange logo
dev-2GAK.ANS ... Ascii Mess
dev-2GR5.JPG ... Flange Grafitti
dev-2GRA.JPG ... Flange Grafitti
dev-2HT1.JPG ... Heart collection pt.1
dev-2HT3.JPG ... Heart collection pt.2
dev-2HT4.JPG ... Heart collection pt.3
dev-2HT8.JPG ... Heart collection pt.4
dev-2MM1.ANS ... Main Menu
dev-2MM4.ANS ... Flange logo
dev-2MM8.ANS ... Main Menu
dev-2TD1.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TD2.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TD3.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TD6.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TD7.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TD8.ANS ... The Drain logo
dev-2TT1.ANS ... The Drain logo
NEWS.ANS ... This news file
mrd-2P2D.ANS ... Pack 2 ansi
mrd-BONG.ANS ... a bong
mrd-DOPE.ANS ... a dope leaf ansimation
mrd-DRN1.JPG ... Drain logo
mrd-DRN2.JPG ... Drain logo
mrd-DRN3.JPG ... Drain logo
mrd-FLD1.JPG ... Flashflood logo
mrd-FLG1.JPG ... Flange logo hand drawn except bricks
mrd-ILL1.JPG ... Illusion logo
mrd-LEAF.JPG ... A dope leaf
mrd-LTMP.ANS ... Large The meeting place logo
mrd-MEET.ANS ... Meduim The meeting place logo
mrd-SAGE.ANS ... Sage ansi for the sage game engine.
mrd-STMP.ANS ... Small The meeting place logo
mrd-XLR8.JPG ... VGA for XLR8
5. - By Dev
Now. There is room for a bit of healthy competition in the scene. Comments here
in oneliners or here and there. People just have to take it futher though.
Flange is a new group and over the last month mr.d and I have experienced
pretty much a kick in the face by many artists and organizers of other groups
who are simply scared of the new competition. Now, do you think kicking the shitout of every new group will make the digital scene in vicoz stronger. I dont
think so. Everybody wonders why the OZ scene is crashing in a huge heap and
there is no consistancy anymore. Why the do you think?! Its because of thiscrap. I see the scene as a thing where people argue, pull eachother down, wreck
groups, and try there absolute best trying to catch people for ripping while
doing a all minimum of art on the side. I simply do art and music because
i like it and id like to have people see it. I want to walk to my pc oneday anddo some consistant art and not have a soul pull me down.
The kick up the arse by the general people of the scene and the total lazyness
of some members in the way of communnication and simply doing art or music
almost caused me to say goodbye to Flange and almost say to with the sceneits going nowhere!. I told mr.d i wanted to end flange and he bounced back withan inspirational talk and offered to put more of a hand in organizing this pack.So, I now have a different attitude and i will press on regardless of what the
arrogant have to say and we will release one quality pack after another in
music and art until we gain the respect that we deserve.
We will no longer urge people to join us and rather take it easy on that area.
We dont need people to join. If you would like to add to the group then good onyou and people will join the group on these conditions.
1. Consistant QUALITY work is entered into all packs.
2. The member is prepared to drop all their other groups.
More ing good art and superior music tracks to come from FLANGE.
You can push us down but all we get is a slightly flatter haircut.
6. Distro Sites
Bbs Number Sysop
WHQ the drain 9873-5513 Mr.D
illusion 9873-5150 iBANEz
7. Joining Information
If anyone is actually interested in joining, then you MUST be dedicated and haveno problem with motivation or inspiration.
Contact Dev or Mr.D at any of the bbss listed above to inquire about our group
and/or to recieve joining information.
8. Credits
Dev and Mr.D are entirely to blame for this monsterous concoction.
If you have ANY complaints critisizm etc etc. direct them to MR.D at the drain
or any of the boards he calls, or on voice fone drain hotline 9873-5516,
voice fone normal line 9874-2797 or send e-mail to
.... or snail mail 4 lucknow court mitcham 3132 VIC Aust.
or just call the Drain BBS on 9873-5513 and leave notes to whomever.
fLAnGe pRoDuCtiOns 1998
!!!!! - if you find any material in this pack that you believe has been
ripped, you can go get fuked cos I know that everything in this
pack came completely, entirely and 100 from our own heads.