Unseen Fate by Pale
Unseen Fate by Pale
u n s e e n f a t e
sys: pale , cos: khaos, mind flux:justice, void, drip member board
propaganda, justice, skavid, rucus, and kfa distribution sites
the cranium weetern hq and the drip world headquaters
running obv2 v2.25 another all art board... supporting all groups/artist
a n c e e b y p a l e . f i r e
well, this my first real goop ansi. after looking at a relic pack..
I was insired to make an ansi... and this happened...
images: X1 X2
data: JSON


  • title
  • Unseen Fate
  • author
  • Pale
  • group
  • Fire
  • date
  • 1994-12-11
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 25
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified

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