Below FT Info by King Arthur
Below FT Info by King Arthur
Module : Below Your Feet
Time : 4 minutes, 53 seconds
Released: December 11, 1994
Type : Scream Tracker 3.01 Module
Channels: 8 voices
Hi, this is King Arthur here, bringing you my newest S3M Below Your Feet.
This tune was written over a period of two weeks or so. It was worked on
furiously at first, then I kinda drifted away, and back, and so on. So,
if a part doesnt quite sound like it goes with the rest of it, dont worry
about it. hehehe
Greetings go out to: All the members of FIRE, the group Im now in Night
Owl, Quicksilver, Black Wolf, Vanth, Kamikaze, Fistandantilus, Tiamat, and
anyone that I forgot... Hey!
Also, DONT call my BBS. Its was called Camelot and it WAS at 404428-5227.
Its GONE! No more BBS! Dont call it! Hehehe, Later!
Can ya feel it? I can feel it...