Fire Newsletter by Halaster
Fire Newsletter by Halaster
Happy hollidays, everyone. Its been a hell of a short and confusing
month for us fire peoples. We ran into some early difficulties with
thanksgiving vacations and the fact that The Regency our app HQ was
down for over 2 weeks. great timing. It seems like only 2 weeks ago
we released our last pack.
Besides all the well-known hollidays of this time of year, it is also
our 6 month aniversary. w00! Its actually pretty hard to believe that
were still here.. :
New members:
Pale - For the first time, fire actually has an artist from outside
of 404! Most of you are probably saying who cares? but
until this pack, all of our artists have come from the same
30-or-so mile radius. :
News about old members:
Prisoner1 - P1 closes off the year with a bang with his entry
into Union, one of the foremost groups in the ansi scene.
The entire fire staff wishes him luck and hopes that his
skills will continue to improve at the remarkable rate that
they have been ..
Wintemute - WM earns a biiig cookie this month for his attempt at
RIP support in Pyroview. At this point, were not even sure
if it works, but it sure as hell took a long time to get
even this close to having it. :
Phusion - PH earns a nice smack for changing his handle. Hes now
going by the I think retarded handle of Coolwhip. Ack.
Ryans a weirdo. :
Halaster - I got my damn wisdom teeth pulled all four of them and
they hurt like fucking hell. I still drew, however, unlike..
Donut Hole - The laziest senior staffer that fire has ever had. :
just boltzing ya, dh.
On that jubilant note, I cordially invite you to run Pyroview, if you
havent already, and see the terrific winter-theme interface. WM and I
spent a lot of time on it, and Im afraid wed have to kick your ass if
you happened to skip over it.
A lump of coal to all of you. :
HalasterFire Senior/Relic/Undergrown
Halaster sends greetz to the following -
Talen: You suck.
Donut Hole: You suck, too.. draw more. :
Sir Freaksalot: You still need to come up for football. .. those
phunky lyrics on tech overload crack me up.
Wintermute: Bitch bitch bitch!
Jello: I think ill call you up and say goodbye again.
Matt: One of these days, im gonna kick Legs ass.
Relic People: You guys all stiffed me for that mstat screen.
except for Flood.. and hes GROUNDED!
Eerie: Youre now canadian HQ.. you can spooge.. :
P1: Thanks for getting me Union member board!
Farb: heh.. another senseless greet.
Flood: Get ungroundafied..
Ktulu: I kicked your ass in Dark Stalkers.. hahehha.
Phusion: coolwhip.. im gonna have to kick your ass. :
Silence: Sorry I keep ignoring you.. its da theeth. :
Quran: niiice matrix.
Necrophilicong: thanx for da ! :
All the other Fire punks: Happy hollidays!
Donut Hole sends greetz to the following -
HalASSter: Blaberbock!
Shrapnel: Kundai!
Sir Freaksalot: Beeoltz!
Ktulu: Flarf!
Epitaph: Boltz!
NH4OH: Beeyou!
Everyone in Fire: Panumanumanu!