#INFO# Fire News for 11/96 by Senior Staff
#INFO# Fire News for 11/96 by Senior Staff
i bURN
v9 fire news for 11/96 created by god among lice, blatz and halaster
- i babble! -
welcome to the november 1996 fire combustion! november is
typically one of the lamest months for art groups, as most group
members are sidetracked by such mundane things as schoolwork and
the world series. i had a very complex month in terms of the real
world, which is also why this pack is a few days late not too
bad, though. even with this adversity, a small, dedicated group
of true fire patriots managed to find the time to draw, and this
is the result!
as you can see, fire is still plowing along. were not at our best
right now, but were certainly not down for the count. there have
also been some major changes that took place this month that probably
wont really be noticable until next pack. the first major change
is that i no longer run fire, at least alone. eerie, one of my long
time scene friends and co-doodlers has rejoined the fire crue this
month at the rank of co-president. now we all know that the double-3
has a talent for causing craziness, and im really hoping that hell
be able to put that to good use here. expect some major group
re-organiztions in the coming months. a special warning to inactive
members: ill be doing some major cleanups of the memberlists over
the january vacation, so id be sure to have some nice things for our
december extravaganza due out on 12/12/96!!
this packs winning division is undoubtedly the fire hi-resolution
crue, who turned in some spectacular work. there are some notable
pieces in fire ansi and ascii, as well, but fire hirez had an
exeptionally high level of quality throughout this months pack.
so, without further ado, the winning divisions newsletter:
- forgive me god, for i have sinned -
Time for some hirez news. November came pretty quickly for me, and it seems
odd to be writing another hirez update already. Ill try and make this short
and sweet for ya. We have new additions to top and bottom of the fire high
resolution member list this month alphabetically speaking. Buzz fills in
one of the last blank spaces in our varied list of vga styles, namely that of
rendered vga. I admit, Im biased toward non-rendered vga, but theres some
nameless quality present in Buzzs work that just sucks me in. Check out his
vga that I chose for the usually covetted hirez memlist. Joining us at the
bottom of that list alphabetically! is Winbee. Winbee rejoins fire after
spending some time with mop and then with his school work and Warcraft II and
whatever other playthings he was keeping hidden in the depths of his basement.
If you dont know who Winbee is, then FUCK YOU! Winbee shouldnt really
need an introduction, but for the clueless out there, hes a kick-ass anime
artist. Just look at his art. Were glad to have him back.
This isnt hirez news, but heres one last thing if Hal hasnt mentioned it
already: were designating Wednesday nights as a general gathering time for
fire members on IRC. There wont be anything formal going on, but its
basically just designed for people who dont go on IRC much to be able to make
some time on these days and actually see some other fire members. I suppose
this is also for people who spend too much time on irc and want to find a
specific date to be around if they are trying to cut back. So lets say
around 10:00-12:00pm eastern time. Its more fun with lots of fire people
around, so everyone be there. Non-fire members are always welcome, too. :
Thanks to all the hirez guys for contributing and I hope everyone else enjoys
the pack.
God among Lice fire hirez coordinator
- blatz does his funky dance for the last time : -
Well.. I blatz am quitting the scene this month so i wont be running fire
ascii anymore.. The Emporer is gonna take over the position.. i wish him luck..
ill still be in fire releasing for the next month of two with my old ascii but
hes runnign the show from now on.. Circus Freak who was already in fire ansi
division decided to join up with fire ascii.. he has really good asciis to
contribute and im happy to see hes here.. pH and creeping death are out this
month.. neither of which ever did anything though .. good luck to them as
well.. email apps and pack submissions and whatnot to themp@juno.com instead of
my email from now on..
- the real surreal deal retires! -
well, surreal logic, our longtime friend and former super-active
senior-staffer, has decided to move into a phase of almost complete
retirement. this means that all fireweb team members are now free
to act on their own, until a new method of organization for fireweb
is created.
nick wanted me to bid all of you a hopefully temporary farewell,
and to mention that netherwOrld, his classic webzine, is now also
coming to an end. you can see the last small installment at
- Sammael and the GOLDEN BEES! -
fire ansi has a new designation this month, and next month well
have a new snazzy logo. if youre in fire ansi, youre now a
member of what will become one of the last enclaves of ansi artists
during the next few years: the golden bees! this new name marks
more than a change in linguistics for fire ansi. as many of you
have observed, ansi art is becoming less and less prominent in the
art scene. from this point onward, fire ansi will strive to not
only represent good character-based art, but to represent the BEST
of the medium in terms of presentation, originality and technical
prowess. expect major quality control to kick in next month,
fellow Bees. if problems arise, i will be happy to assist any
member who cant meet these new expectations and help them rise to
our new challenge.
a word to other ansi artists: if youre tired of drawing in a group
that views your medium as second-rate, or tired of drawing with
artists content to churn out nothing but recycled logos, come draw
with us, and help us bring back some of the splendor and mystique
that belongs with ansi art.
- closing -
a reminder: as godlice mentioned, fire IRC meetings will occur from
10:00PM-12:00AM EST on wednesdays.
beware, the cold dry weather of the fall and early winter have left
the scene ripe for combustion.
see you in december, suckers.
halaster of the golden bees / fire co-president