#INFO# Fire Newsletter by Senior Staff
#INFO# Fire Newsletter by Senior Staff
- i have cat-like skills and reflexes -
wow. 5 days late! were really racking up quite a record in terms
of consecutive late packs. i dont think weve released on time once
in the past 7 months. : of course, we DO release every month, which
has to be worth something!
in any case, this month you can blaim rachel, mid semester break and
homework .. plus too many late nights at mad mex. Half price after
erm .. back to the group. no major major changes this month. im
redoing the fire email list, so anyone who wants on it members,
i mean should get in touch with me. get your up-to-date phone
numbers to our recently-lazy public relations stud: fractal, as well.
oh, by the way, look for at least one major change in this groups
identity next month. : on that note of expectation, i move on to this
months pack. fire hirez really kicked the pants off of the other
divisons this month. hats off! fire ascii was pretty pathetic : and
fire ansi had a fairly strong showing, albeit in our id-less state.
in any case, you make the call.
- superHAL
- blatz is cheap beer! -
This month Exulted, Xane, and Pixelpusher were kicked out because they havent
turned in any work and i havent even heard of them for months. Ack quit Fire
and went to Acid, we wish him well. We gained the talents of Spitfire from
Cia this month, he does really good pics. Thats all that happened this month,
not a big month for fire ascii but next month will be indeed. Later.
- fire hirez was too much for surreal, but god will see us through. -
Hello, and welcome to the latest fire hirez news update. Weve had
some significant changes since the last pack, so actually read this if
you dont normally. : First and foremost, I God among Lice am the
new hirez coordinator. Surreal Logic has been extremely busy lately with
school and other things, so he and I decided wed just swap positions
to relieve him of the heavy load of responsibility that comes with being
the hirez coord. As of now, Surreal will be the sub-coord. Applications
can be sent to either one of us, but youll probably get a quicker
response from me. : We all look forward to seeing some more great art
from him in the future, and hopefully this new arrangement will give him
a little more time to create a screenful of magic.
A close second in terms of importance to the fire hirez crew this
month is the addition of a couple of new members, Panacea and Solarpunk.
Im sure youve all heard of panacea, the fire renaissance man. Pan does
pretty much everything scene related except for music and thats just
because he doesnt have a sound card : and now after much urging and
prodding he has finally released a vga that isnt his foot with us,
marking his formal induction into the fire hirez crew. I wont even try
to begin describing his unique style. Also this month, Solarpunk becomes
the newest hirez log to be thrown on the fire. sorry for stealing your
recruit, fathom :. Solar joins a growing number of photomanipulators
that fire is proud to call its own. I know some of you out there might
not have a very favorable opinion of photomanip stuff, but I think Solars
work just may sway you enough to join the dark side. :
Id like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to start thinking
less about how hard something is to create and focus more on what the
finished product really looks like. A work of art can be simple and yet
still powerful. Id also like to stress that the worth of a particular
piece of art is relative. You cannot grade art you can only give your
own opinion of it.
But anyway... getting back to member info. Leaving us this month are
Satansly and Outkast. Ill miss Sly the most for the simple reason that
fire is no longer balanced by the equal and opposite forces of good and bad
that we had going between us. : Seriously, though, both were great artists
and they leave a noticable hole in our ranks. And outkast: No bad
feelings, ok bruh? Two members have been taken off of the memlist due to
inactivity: Firestone and Genosha. If youre still around, guys, then just
One last note: I have a new email as if anyone ever emailed me much
before. The new address is: bps6p@virginia.edu. You can use this to
talk to me about applying to fire hirez or, for you members, if you have
any questions. Also, Im putting together a list of email addresses for
our current hirez members, so if you havent already done so, email me or
get it to me on irc sometime.
Thanks to all the fire hirez contributors this month, and Ill see you
all next pack.
-God among Lice, fire hirez coordinator
- nation had snansi, we have fansi! -
just when you thought that fire ansi was down for the count, we come
right back at you with some new acquisitions! mage, formerly of
integrity and sometimes pal of mistigris, finally decided to hook up
with the fire crue this month. Hail mage! Sinister X returns to the
fire team, despite some communications problems the last time around.
Ill try harder this time, dude, but you keep in touch, too! Vade79,
Eerie and Numb all return to fire after the completely successful and
amazing Samsara fiasco and should have work in the next pack. Icepick,
who was never in fire before, but is now, also comes from Samsara.
I feel like fire is whole again. : Welcome, old and new!
BTW: Thanks to SinisterX, Mage, GrindKing and Nosegos for covering my
lazy ass this month. I needed a break of sorts. :
- fathom is a hippie : jk -
/ *NOTE*fathom is NOT an ascii artist :P
and now!/ /
/ /o . :
/ athoms kinda tripped-out story..0 :
Okay check this out: Early last month my computer crashed with a totally
not-cool partition failure. So i lose everything, EVEN my drawing program,
and sadly I was forced to go from the old photostyler 2.0 and ya ya go ahead
and make fun :P to the new fractal design painter. Well this change in progr
was not a comfortable one for me, and i like couldnt make anything cool.
So this one day i went down to the local coffee shop/smokeout spot and somehow
these little white things people call shrooms accidentally popped into my mouth
right? So i go home and make this.. uhm.. i guess you could say less-than-fath
quality-vga It is in NO WAY the standard for my art, nor is it the glorificati
of shroomin or drugs or anything. I just thaught it might be worth a laugh.
I was in total panic as to whether or not id ever find photostyler again.
I found it, and managed to krank out a lil ditty there for ya.. i hope you enjo
and i REALLY hope you understand that the shroomin pic is just a JOKE and aint
my normal art...
- ive written like 15 of these damn things and im sick of it. : -
see above. ill behave next month, i promise. : Expect the best, I
dont think youll be disappointed.
halaster fire