Newsletter for 10/95 by Halaster
Newsletter for 10/95 by Halaster
- hal speaks -
well, were back. : it seems that a ton of p
eople liked the pack,
so i decided to be a mindless slob and follow the urges
of the masses.
im not alone, tho. if you look at the memberlist, you
ll see that
a lot of the members from last months revival pack h
ave come back
for more fire madness. plus weve got some terrific ne
w additions to
the crue. check out the personal news section below fo
r more details.
i really hope that fire doesnt become another trend th
ing .. its sure
as hell getting a lot more publicity than it used to.
it almost makes
me nostalgic for the old days. almost. there are bene
fits associated
with being the group thats gonna kick the living shit
outta legend.
i had to do it, somms, please dont rip my testes off.
see, since
fire is big and k-rad now, i can go on irc and do this:
halfire hey everyone ..
usual shmoe w0w! f1re rules!
thats cool and all, but i wonder how many of those peo
ple were around
when we released our christmas pack last year, or when
eerie declared
us his favorite small group, next to mist, of course
or when we
tried to merge into mist, or got our first long distanc
e member? pale.
point is, if you really want to support the group and u
nderstand where
were coming from, go back in time and do it from the s
tart! :
just kidding .. but i would love it if people would act
ually go back and
look at some of the old packs. there are some awesome
sights to be seen
including, wm-talen.exe, macs 24-hour pyroview and som
e of p1s earlier,
less-perfect ansis.
now that my griping is over, ill get down to the nitty
- group news -
fire isnt taking sites anymore .. dont ask.
if i want to give you a site, youll have a sit
e. and yes, i think distros are cool. fuck the i-n
when you need a pack, there should be some local bbs t
hat always have
the latest.
no dual groupers. not to sound like integrity,
but i really hate dualing.
im a complete fucking hypocrite since i did it in reli
c for so long but
im trying to make up for past mistakes by making every
one else suffer. :
but seriously, dualing kills groups. as p1 so eloquent
ly said, it just
takes away from the character of a group. when i get
on irc, i want
people to think: theres halaster, hes in fire. not:
theres halaster,
he draws for groups all over the place.
fire should be getting some new methods of communicatio
n setup soon, as
well. shaolin is looking into getting pyronet
running again and maxwell
and wintermute are busily coding away at fires very ow
n home page. in
addition to this project, maxwell is also coding and mo
dding fires own
eggdrop bot: donutz. im also working on compi
ling a complete fire mailing
nihilistic order is serving as the temporary fi
re whq, until the regency
is back up on-line as a telnet site. you can u
pload any work or app to
the order through a standard account or through vision-
xs spiffy dos
upload feature. i will also accept applications and wo
rk on harvest moon
and on irc. nihilistics number is 770642-24
- individual -
prisoner1 began work on vga artwork ag
ain this month, and should have
some really spiffy work in the next few months. scratc
h that. p1 quit.
vertigo joins from bleach. the man is a talent
ed ansi and ascii artist and
will surely contribute to the group in the future.
silver rat joins this month from acid and conti
nues to run roc. sr is
one of the few remaining exceptions to the dualing rule
, and will remain
in both groups for the forseeable future.
shaolin returns to the fire fold after a long h
iatus with a variety of
groups. his rip artwork was sorely missed and im thri
lled to have ole
sa yes, sa, not shn or whateverthefuck some other grou
ps were calling
him back.
silver dragon joins up with fire this month as
an ansi artist. his work
shows much promise and will surely reach oustanding lev
els in the months
to come.
eerie, my favorite frenchie, joins up with us a
t long last! as predicted
by little ole me way back when fire was alive the firs
t go round, eerie
was destined to be in my group again. its almost a re
lic reunion, with:
ktulu is still in the group. ole kt still fin
ds the time to draw ansi for fire even when he i
s faced with the daunting task of slacking through h
senior year and applying to every ivy league school in
existance. for the
first time, i have to sadly admit that i have no fuckin
g idea what ktulus
pic in the pack is of. if you can figger it out, tell
the silent killer also joins fire this month as
an ansi artist. his fonts
are exceptionally good and hes also expanding his hori
zons to pic artwork.
shroom, formerly of teklordz, applied and was a
ccepted this month. shroom
has a very interesting font style and extends it well i
nto his full pics.
as a relative newcomer to the scene, shrooms art shows
amazing promise.
shroom will also be contributing rip artwork to fire.
then he quit. this
is the kind of lame shit thats going to kill the scene
one day. if you
say youre going to join a fucking group, it should be
true! not to mention the fact that you should pl
an on staying there for at least a good amount of
nivenh parsec nanowhap. target schizm sighting
nano saga bewm. time to
tsq-16 11 bobomoochers. go for string up: nivtriot 1
through nivtriot
17. baker baker sn00t.
- closing -
i have to personally apologize for the non-spectacular
quality of the fire
pack. i think i rushed it. besides that, i also manag
ed to catch two nice ear infections this month,
so ive been feeling kinda shitty for the past
few days. the next pack should rock, however, so kee
p your eyes peeled. it
really sucks that this is the first month that fire has
released a pack
worse than the last. but hey, things happen.
halaster firegency
fire 95: if it goes down, i go down.